(Verse numbers and most important subject matters for devotees)


 LORD VISNU (Predominating Deity)


1)  Visnu Purana – 23,000 verses.

Stories of various devotees;

A description of varnasrama;

The six angas of the Veda;

A description of the age of Kali;

It describes the Sveta Varaha Kalpa, Visnu dharmotara;


2)  Naradiya Purana – 25,000 verses.

This purana contains a synopsis of everything;

It describes Jagannatha Puri, Dwaraka, Badrinatha, etc.


3)  Padma Purana – 55,000 verses.

Contains the glory of Srimad Bhagavatam;

The stories of Rama, Jagannatha, Matsya, Ekadasi, Bhrgu, etc.


4)  Garuda Purana – 19,000.

Subject of Bhagavad-gita;



It describes the Tarsya Kalpa.


5)  Varaha Purana – 24,000 verses.

Describes different Vrata;

Lord Visnu’s glories.


6)  Bhagavata Purana – 18,000 verses.

(Included by some in the mode of goodness).


LORD BRAHMA (Predominating Deity)


7)  Brahmanda Purana – 12,000 verses.

Describes the Vedangas;

Describes the Adi Kalpa.


8)  Brahmavaivarta Purana – 18,000 verses.

Contains the glories and pastimes of Radha and Krsna.


9)  Markandeya Purana – 9,000 verses.

Stories of Rama and Krsna.


10) Bhavisya Purana – 14,500 verses.

Contains the glories of devotional service;

Prediction of Lord Caitanya.


11) Vamana Purana – 10,000 verses.

Contains the story of Lord Trivikrama.


12) Brahma Purana – 10,000 verses.



LORD SIVA (Predominating Deity)


13) Matsya Purana – 14,000 verses.

Temple construction;

Describes Vamana and Varaha Kalpas.


14) Kurma Purana – 17,000 verses.

Contains the conversation between Krsna and the Sun-god;


Describes the Laksmi Kalpa.


15) Linga Purana – 10,000 verses.

Contains the glory of Lord Nrsmhadeva;


The story of Ambarisha;

The glories of Gayatri.


16) Siva Purana – 24,000 verses.


17) Skanda Purana – 81,000 verses.


18) Agni Purana – 15,400 verses.

Contains the description of Salagrama;

Describes the Isana kalpa.

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