Samrat Pandu and his achievements

As written earlier, Pandu won Kunti, the sister of Vasudeva in a swayamvar. A year or two later, Madri became Pandu’s second wife due to the foresight of Bhishma. After enjoying married life for a thirty days, Pandu decided to set forth on a conquering mission (Digvijay).

Moving south, he first defeated Dasharnas (Telengana), followed by Magadha (Bihar) and Anga (WB). After capturing Videha (North Bihar/part of Nepal), he defeated the army of Kashi (East UP). Bhagdutta was king of Pragjyotishpur (Assam) and he was very good friend of Pandu/Hastinapur. Then moving south-east Pandu defeated the armies of Kalinga (Oddisha), Sumhas (far east Oddisha), Pundras (Bagladesh) before marching back to Hastinapur. The north-west already in alliance with Hastinapur via marriages (Gandhar and Madra) or via friendly treaties. Thus Pandu completed the great victory or “Digvijay”. He achieved something not even his ancestors not excluding the king Kuru or King Bharat the great. Pandu returned to Hastinapur with immense wealth and glory.

Pandu dedicated his entire victory and the spoils to Dhritarashtra and always maintained that he (Pandu) was only a proxy king; the kingdom always belonged to and will belong to his elder brother Dhritarashtra. Pandu ruled the kingdom for a couple of years. Now that the whole kingdom was completely safe from attacks and at peace, he often went to the forest for mrigaya (deer hunt). But that is another story.

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