Abhimanyu Vs Karna

As the title of the article itself define the post and its motive that I am going to post the battle narratives between Karna and Abhimanyu. By the way, I had never an intention to post any (VS) battle between any two individual, however we got so many request from the reader that we should publish the complete battle between Abhimanyu and Karna and what was the result based on the Vyasa Mahabharata.

We have watched so many serials and drama where Abhimanyu’s character has been misinterpreted and shown him like a helpless calf and were slain by 6/7 dacoits (Maharathas). Abhimanyu’s characters never get that reputation which he deserved, by the modern writer or serial killer’s, I’m sorry, it’s serial maker.

Mahabharata describes him in very unique way, which later adopted by the modern writer for the Karna the Great.

Sanajaya describes it Dhritrashtra “Together with Krishna, the five Pandavas are difficult to resist, even by the gods. There has never been, nor will there be, a man who possesses Krishna’s qualities in righteousness, deeds, vigour, intelligence, nature, fame and prosperity. King Yudhishthira has always obtained heaven because of his truthfulness, devotion to dharma, generosity, worship of brahmanas and other qualities. O king! It has been said that three are equal in the field of battle—the Destroyer himself at the end of a yuga, Jamadagni’s valiant son (Parashurama) and Bhimasena. Partha, the wielder of the Gandiva, is always skilled in performing all his pledges in battle and I do not see his parallel on earth. Devotion towards superiors, maintaining secrecy of counsel, humility, self-control, beauty and bravery—these six are always present in Nakula. In knowledge of the sacred texts, gravity, sweetness, spirit, prowess and valour, the brave Sahadeva is the equal of the gods who are the Ashvins. All the great qualities in Krishna and all the qualities in the Pandavas, all those assembled qualities were to be seen in Abhimanyu. He was Yudhishthira’s equal in patience, Krishna’s in conduct, Bhimasena’s in deeds and his equal in terrible feats, Dhananjaya’s in beauty, valour and learning, and Nakula and Sahadeva’s in humility.” REF – BORI Drona Parva (Chapter 33) 

We have already posted the index for so many warriors including Karna, Please refer to the Karna – Victory, Achievement & Defeat.

We all know that Karna was out of the battle for first 10 days and joined on 11th Day, but Abhimanyu and Karna never confronted each other before 13th day when Chakrvyha was created by Drona.

We have result here in below 4 battle scene:

  1. Battle between Karna (Including Ashwatthama and other 5 Maha-Rathas) with Abhimanyu
  2. Karna (Including Ashwatthama and other 5 Maha-Rathas) vs Abhimanyu
  3. Karna defeated by Abhimanyu and fled away  – Drona Parva (Chapter 40)
  4. Karna vs Abhimanyu and Karna was not capable to stand against him (Defeated!)


Karna and Abhimanyu’s death


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