Birth of Atiratha Arjuna

IN the Mahabharata only Arjuna & Krishna’s birth were celebrated by Deva’s, Gandharvas, Apsaras and Rishi’s. Arjuna and Krishna both were part of Hari (Visnhu – Master of Universe) and born in two body but they were one soul together.

अर्जुनः फल्गुनो जिष्णुः किरीटी श्वेतवाहनः |

बीभत्सुर्विजयः कृष्णः सव्यसाची धनञ्जयः ||

When Bhima was born, Pandu again began to think. “How can I obtain a supreme son who will be the best in all the worlds? This world depends on destiny and on human action. But as decreed, destiny is only obtained over a period of time. We have heard that Indra is the king and the best of the gods. He has immeasurable strength and endeavor and he is valorous and unlimited in radiance. By pleasing him with austerities, I can obtain a son who is immensely strong. The son that he will give me will be the best. I shall therefore perform the greatest of austerities in mind, deeds and speech.


Thereupon, after consulting with maharshis, the immensely energetic Pandu of the Kuru lineage instructed Kunti to observe a sacred vow for one year. Pandu himself stood on one leg for a year, performing severe austerities and immersed in supreme meditation. Wishing to propitiate the god who is the lord of the thirty gods, the one with dharma in his heart worshiped the sun.

Indra responded after a long time. “I will give you a son who will be famous in the three worlds. He will ensure the welfare of gods, Brahmanas and relatives. I will give you a son who will destroy all his enemies.

Pandu told to Kunti “O one with the beautiful hips! O sweet-smiling one! Devoted to morality, great souled, radiant as the sun, invincible, action-oriented, extremely wonderful to look at and endowed with Kshatriya energy—this is the son we will receive through the grace of the king of the gods. Summon him.

Arjuna was born from Indra’s boon. As soon as the son was born, an invisible voice was heard in the sky, with a thundering and deep roar.


O Kunti! He will be like Kartavirya and Shibi in prowess, invincible like Indra.

  • He will spread your fame everywhere.
  • As Vishnu increased Aditi’s happiness, like Vishnu, Arjuna will increase your happiness.
  • He will bring under his sway the countries of Madra, Kuru, Kekaya, Chedi, Kashi and Karusha and establish the prosperity of the Kurus.
  • Through the valour of his arms, Havyavahana (Agni) will be supremely satisfied with the fat of all beings in Khandava.
  • With his brothers, this immensely strong warrior will vanquish all small chiefs and perform three sacrifices.
  • O Kunti! In valour, he will be the equal of Vishnu and Jamadagni’s son Rama (Parshurama).
  • He will be the greatest among those endowed with valour and he will be invincible.
  • He will acquire all kinds of divine weapons.
  • He will be a bull among men and he will regain the lost fortune.

When Kunti was in her delivery room, these were the wonderful words that were heard from the sky and Kunti heard them. The ascetics who lived on Shatashringa also heard these loud words and were supremely delighted. The devarshis, Indra and the other gods and the sound of drums being played raised an enormous clamor in the sky. Amidst this thunderous roar, the entire place was covered with a shower of flowers.

All the classes of gods assembled to pay their respects to Partha (Arjuna).

The offspring of Kadru and Vinata, the gandharvas, the apsaras, the lords of all beings and all the seven maharshis, Bharadvaja, Kashyapa, Goutama, Vishvamitra, Jamadagni, Vashishtha and the illustrious Atri, who arose when the sun was destroyed. Marichi, Angira, Pulastya, Pulaha, Kratu, Prajapati and all the gandharvas and apsaras also came.

Wearing divine garlands and garments, adorned in every ornament, the apsaras danced and sang Bibhatsu’s (Arjuna) praise. With the handsome Tumburu, the other gandharvas began to sing—Bhimasena, Ugrasena, Urnayu, Anagha, Gopati, Dhritarashtra, Suryavarcha, Yugapa, Trinapa, Karshni, Nandi, Chitraratha, Shalishira, Parjanya, Kali and Narada, the sixteenth one; and Sat, Brihat, Brihaka, the immensely famous Karala, Brahmachari, Bahuguna, the famous Suparna, Vishvavasu, Bhumanyu, Suchandra the tenth and the famous Haha and Huhu, whose songs are sweet. These were the divine gandharvas who sang.

The apsaras were delighted and were adorned in every ornament. Those illustrious long-eyed ones danced—Anuna, Anavadya, Priyamukhya, Gunavara, Adrika, Shachi, Mishrakeshi, Alambusha, Marichi, Shuchika, Lakshana, Kshema, Devi, Rambha, Manorama, Asita, Subahu, Supriya, Suvapu, Pundarika, Sugandha, Suratha, Pramathini, Kamya and Sharadvati. All of them danced in groups. Menaka, Sahajanya, Parnika, Punjikasthala, Kratusthala, Ghritachi, Vishvachi, Purvachitti, the one who is famous as Umlocha and Pramlocha—these ten and Urvashi as the eleventh were long-eyed apsaras who sang.

The adityas, radiant like the flames of fire, were assembled in the sky to increase the glory of the great Pandava—Dhata, Aryama, Mitra, Varuna, Amsha, Bhaga, Indra, Vivasvat, Pusha, Tvashta, Parjanya and Vishnu. O lord of the earth. The illustrious rudras were there—Mrigavyadha, Sharva, the immensely famous Nirriti, Aja Ekapada, Ahirbudhnya, Pinaki the destroyer of enemies, Dahana, Ishvara, Kapali, Sthanu and the illustrious Bhaga. The Ashvins, the eight vasus, the immensely powerful maruts, the vishvadevas and the saddhyas were also assembled there.

The serpents Karkotaka, Shesha and Vasuki, Kacchapa, Apakunda and the mighty serpent Takshaka were there, with great energy, great anger and great strength. Many other serpents also assembled there.

There were also Vinata’s sons—Tarkshya, Arishtanemi, Garuda, Asitadhvaja, Aruna and Aruni. When they saw this great wonder, the supreme hermits were astounded. Their affection towards Pandu’s sons increased even more.

As mentioned above all all the beings celebrated Arjuna’s biths, he was born like superhuman and Deva’s and perform all the deeds that was heard from Celestial voice.


Shree Hari….

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