Rajasuya Yagya/Sacrifice – Part III

The slaying of Jarasandha – Part II p/s. This long descriptive story is necessary to describe the true story of Jarasandha. Even then, it is heavily edited and curtailed. After all, the Mahabharat can hardly be written in a few pages and yet do justice. So my request … please BE PATIENT and READ with […]

Rajasuya Yagya/Sacrifice – Part II

The slaying of Jarasandha – Part I Please read part I first: Rajasuya Yagya/Sacrifice – Part I After Narad’s departure, the Pandavas continued to live peacefully at Indraprastha, but Yudhishthir was contemplating how he might perform the Rajasuya sacrifice. The thought excited him and worried him at the same time. On one side were all the […]

Karna: The Pupil of Drona

Karna was friend of Duryodhna before the learning (Gurukul) period with Kripa and Drona and Rama (Parshurama), Mahabharata describe “Then Duryodhana, Karna and Subala’s son Shakuni tried many other means to kill the Pandavas. However, Pandavas, scorchers of their enemies, got to know about all of these. As advised by Vidura, they never revealed all […]

Tree of Dharma Nara DevaArtha

Part 1: Tree of Dharma Part 1 Part 2: Tree of Dharma Sahodara Case Part 3: Tree of Dharma Freedom of Expression Part 4: Tree of Dharma Synonym and Antonyms Part: 5 Tree of Dharma Nara Purushartha Pratigya Part 6: Tree of Dharma Nara Purushartha Teamwork Drona did use Agneyaastra and Satyaki Varunastra that day. Drona and Aswathhama used their celestial […]