The Pandava Allies

On the side of the Angels Rama and his brother found support from most unlikely source and we were introduced to the fact that GOOD and GOD works in mysterious ways. All the Devta’s had planned for the 7th Avatar of the Vishnu to arrive and were available in full complement to fight the forces […]

Story of Gadhi & MayaDevi

BhrguVamsha and Kaka Bhushandi Story of Gadhi (father of Vishwamitra) told to Vashishtha by Kaka Bhshandi. What is Maya? When Visvamitra grew up, Gadhi gave up the throne and retired to the forest. He achieved Brahminhood just as his father and several ancestors had done. Ohh yes, Visvamitra was not unique in becoming a Brahmin […]


(Verse numbers and most important subject matters for devotees)    LORD VISNU (Predominating Deity)   1)  Visnu Purana – 23,000 verses. Stories of various devotees; A description of varnasrama; The six angas of the Veda; A description of the age of Kali; It describes the Sveta Varaha Kalpa, Visnu dharmotara;   2)  Naradiya Purana – […]