Indraraja’s – इन्द्रराजन्

Everything you wanted to know about Indra and were afraid to Ask Part 1 First, I think there is big confusion regarding what Hinduism is. One of the major tenets is that it is a polytheistic religion. If you do not understand that, there are options within smartha religions available as well as Semitic religions […]

Why do men even exist?

Human Evolution गंगे जननी, नव भारत में भीष्मरूपी सुतसमरजयी जनती नहीं हो क्यूँ?  विस्तार है अपार… Why do men even exist? The biggest social roadblock in every society known to Man is ‘umm the Man’. The Male of the species. It is the Purusha Pradhana samaaj that oppresses, depresses and regresses.  I always ask everyone […]

The Bicameral Mind

James Jaynes was of opinion that ancient people were not conscious.  Jaynes definition of consciousness is synonymous with what philosophers call “meta-consciousness” or “meta-awareness“, i.e., awareness of awareness, thoughts about thinking, desires about desires, beliefs about beliefs. This form of reflection is also distinct from the kinds of “deliberations” seen in other higher animals such […]

COTW – Indian Scriptures*

Part 1: Creation of the World Part 2: Creation of the World: Science Part 3: Chronological Refrence In the previous Part, we have read the creation of the world according to Bible (4004 BCE) and Science (4++ Billions years ago), now the time from our Scriptures. I will include the maximum references from history (Mahabharata and Ramayana), Puranas, […]


Source: NASA Well, we all know it from the beginning, Earth/World is millions years old, but still posting it from NASA’s perspective.   Earth is our home planet. Scientists think Earth formed billions of years ago. Four planets in the solar system are bigger than Earth. Three planets are smaller. It is the third-closest planet […]