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Who is Adharmik and who is Dharmik?

Duryodhana had answered:

जानामि धर्मं न च मे प्रावॄज्ञिल्त; |
जानाम्यधर्मं न च मे निवॄज्ञिल्त;: ||

Draupadi had asked Duryodhana, what is the reason that in spite having many common things in between Kauravas and Pandavas –
o Family
o Same Grandfather Bheeshma and Veda Vyasa
o Same Guru Drona
o Same relations Vidura, Somadatta, Krishna, Balarama

Kauravas still always followed the path of ‘adharma’ and Pandavas always the path of ‘Dharma’?

Here, not only Draupadi but also Duryodhana are clearly identifying who is on side of Adharma and Dharma. Krishna does not need to. Duryodhana does it for him.

Duryodhana says, “It’s not that I didn’t know or even knew what was ‘Dharma’ and what was ‘Adharma’. But in spite of knowing what is ‘Dharma’, I couldn’t follow it (It did not become my habit pravrati!) and even though I knew what was ‘adharma’ I could not desist from not doing it as that was my habit pravrati”.

Many people know what is right and what is wrong. Still why is it that they still follow the wrong path? That is where habit or pravrati comes in and overcomes education, sanskara and family values.

Krishna in Geeta said, he is Dharma.

Upanishadas add the ballast:
इन्द्रं मित्रं वरूणमग्निमाहुरथो दिव्य: स सुपर्णाे गरूत्मान् |
एकं सद् विप्रा बहुधा वदन्ति अग्निं यमं मातरिश्र्वानमाहु: ||
Indra, Mitra, Varun, Agni, Garuda with divine and beautiful wings, Yama (the God of Death) and Vayu (the wind) are all the manifestations of the same satyaswarup God (closest meaning righteous, veracious or Dharma the God ). The wise call this spirit by different names given above.

Indra is Arjuna, Garuda is Satyaki, Mitra is Satyajita, Varun is Drupada, Agni is Dhrishtadamyun, Yama is Yudhishthara, Vayu is Bhima!!

So we know the angels.

Once we have established Dharmika and Adharmika, we get this advise:
वहेदमित्रं स्कन्धेन यावत्कालविपर्यय: अथैवमागते काले भिन्द्याद् घटमिवाश्मनि
अमित्रो न विमोक्तव्य: कॄपणं वणपि ब्राुवन् कॄपा न तस्मिन् कर्तव्या हन्यादेवापकारिणाम्

Carry your enemy on your shoulders if time is against you. But with first opportunity, destroy your enemy, as earthen vessel is broken on a rock. An enemy is always an enemy. If you are not in position to fight with him, temporarily try to please him. But whenever you get a chance, finish him. Be decisive. Recognize the enemy.

Never let your enemy free (if you catch him) even if he asks for (and you feel pity on him). Assuming he will harm you in future, kill him, that is your kartavya, that is Dharma!
Take advantage of every weakness and take advantage of every means as your disposal. Be decisive.

नात्यन्त गुणवत् किंचित् न चाप्यत्यन्तनिर्गुणम् उभयं सर्वकार्येषु दॄष्यते साध्वसाधु वा
There is no work which is good in all respects. There is no work bad in all respects. Both good and bad points are present in every work. Use them. NO weapon is discarded in the Dharma yudhha.

सत्यं ब्रुयात् प्रियम् ब्रुयान्नब्रुयात् सत्यमप्रियम् |
प्रियम् च नानॄतम् ब्रुयादेष: धर्म: सनातन: ||
Speak true, speak what is pleasant to others. don’t tell truth which is not pleasant (which is harmful) (similarly) even though pleasant, don’t speak false, this is Dharmah Sanatana!!

कार्यमण्वपि काले तु कॄतमेत्युपकारताम् |
Every task, however little has its proper time and ApadDharma is to execute it at proper time.

Yudhishthara had exclaimed when refusing the offer to attack Kauravas before the Vanvasa period was up:

Dharma eva hato hanti, Dharmo Raksati Rakshitah
Tasmad dharmama na tyajami ma no dharmo hatotvadhit

As Yudhishthara said If Dharma is destroyed, he that destroys it, is himself lost. So Dharma cherishes the cherisher, the one that protects Dharma. Therefore taking care that Dharma by doing this sacrifice of Vanavasa will not destroy us but make us stronger and therefore, I will never forsake Dharma!

Dharma harms the ones who harm the Dharma!! Dharma protects the one who protects Dharma!

As his chariot wheel struck the earth, Karna forgetting the incantation for Brahmastra stated: (Tagore paraphrases)

“They that are conversant with righteousness always say that righteousness Dharma protects those that are righteous or who follow Dharma. As regards ourselves, we always endeavor, to the best of our ability and knowledge to practice righteousness dharma. That righteousness or Dharma, however, is destroying us now instead of protecting us that are devoted to it. I, therefore, think that righteousness or dharma does not always protect its worshippers.”

And Krishna then replied:
खल: सर्षपमात्राणि पराच्छिद्राणि पश्यति |
आत्मनो बिल्वमात्राणि पश्यन्नपि न पश्यति ||
A wicked person will notice the bad qualities as tiny as a mustard seed in other person, but will not notice even the bad qualities as large as any big leaf (‘bilva-patra’) within himself. He is asking Karna to look in to himself before he passes any bad comments on others.

He continues.

Now look who talks of Dharma, is Krishna’s pointed reaction. Ah, so you have begun to remember the existence of dharma, smaraseeha dharmam! Now where had gone this consciousness of dharma when Draupadi was dragged into the Assembly Hall and Duhshasana laid his hateful hands on her?

Krishna gives a long list of the misdeeds of the Dushta Chatushtaya (the four evil men). Each time the words toll the end of Karna: whither had this virtue of thine then gone, kha the dharmasthadhaa gathah? And the young boy Abhimanyu!

Karna is reminded that though he had lived a virtuous life, he had also ignored and abused the same Dharma, he who had rejected the Dharma, now cannot ask for its protection.

अच्छी संगत बैठ कर संगी बदले रूप
जैसे मिल कर आम से मीठी हो गयी धूप

Just as association with mangoes makes the summer heat bearable,
Associating with good people will make you a better person.

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