Q & A – प्रश्नस्य उत्तरम् – Part 1

Someone examined us “Why do Hindus have a trinity?

The examiner (parakhi) queried 
Holy Geeta do not have the word ‘hindu‘ in any of its adhyaya. So is it OK to bound it to Hinduism? if not then what’s wrong in accepting it as a National Granth/epic/book?

The Querier wondered “Why does Indra send apsaras to disturb the meditations of Rishis and munis?

The Wonderer asked “Why do women put red bindu on forehead?

The Asker doubted “How do you tell Indians apart in North America?

The Doubter solicited “Why emphasis is placed on Salt?

The solicitor answered:

All these questions have same answer. Same उत्तर

Holy Bible does not mention the word Christianity in any of its adhyaya. So is it ok to bound it to Christianity? if not then what’s wrong in accepting it as a National Granth?

Holy Zend Avesta does not mention the word Zoarastrian or Parsi in any of its adhyaya. So is it ok to bound it to Zorastriasnism? if not then what’s wrong in accepting it as a National Granth? Especially when it was created in boundaries of Ancient India?

Holy Guru Granth Sahib does not mention the word Sikh in any of its adhyaya. So is it ok to bound it to Sikhism? if not then what’s wrong in accepting it as a National Granth? Especially when it was created in boundaries of Medieval India?

Holy Quran does not mention the word Islam or Muslim in any of its adhyaya. So is it ok to bound it to Islam? if not then what’s wrong in accepting it as a National Granth?

Holy Agamas does not mention the word Jainism or Jina in any of its adhyaya. So is it ok to bound it to Jainism? if not then what’s wrong in accepting it as a National Granth?

Though full disclosure, we can find the word sadhu immediately, sadhu was the original term for a follower in jain beliefs.

How can I explain that as jainism does not have a supreme deity, it is transtheitic religion, gods do exist, they are transcended by the actual nature of achieving or struggle for moksha.

oooh, that applies to Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta and Bhaktisim, I would hazard definitely that Thomas Aquinas talked about same thing, so we can define scholasticism, the belief in scholarly research, literally Sarasvatism, search or belief in religion of pursuit of knowledge as the highest calling.

Any of Aquinas’s writing is then free of taint of partisanship and what’s wrong in accepting that as a National Granth?

His belief centered around the endless quest of Truth.

Truth is the final goal.

Well not necessarily, Buddha preached 50 years after self enlightenment.

So, not truth but life itself is the ultimate quest.

होशवालों को ख़बर क्या बेख़ुदी क्या चीज़ है 
इश्क़ कीजे फिर समझिये ज़िन्दगी क्या चीज़ है

And as Thomas said

Whether Truth is stronger than either Wine, the King or Woman

Wine affects the man most. Pursuit of wine is a calling too!

parkhi, agar ibadat mein dum hai to masjid mandir ko jaa ke hila
warna chhup baith, do ghoonth pee aur mandir masjid ko hilta dekh

But King affects more than wine, as then can place us in mortal danger

Ave, Imperator, morituri te salutant

And woman can easily control kings

So pursuit of woman is the noblest pursuit there is.

Meri pyaari Bindu
Meri bholi ri Bindu
Meri matheri Bindu
Meri sindoori Bindu
Meri binduri Bindu

Oh my beloved Zero! 
My innocent truth
The center of my inner focus 
The color of life inching towards perfection, towards change the only constant

(ohh Indians, dots not feathers, question answered!

That is why the women put the red dot! Inching towards perfection as color vermillion changes to orange in Sindoor, Question answered!)

Meri binduri Bindu

Oh my beginning to my end, my alpha to my omega, my infinity of my infinity

(bet you just thought that was a comedy song! in poetry sits the deity!

Bindu represents original concept of zero, when we invented it, we invented the way of looking at world with numbers

Jab zero diya mere varahamihira ne 
Duniya ko tab maths aayi
Dharti aur chand ki doori ka andaza lagana mukhkil thaa..
sabhyta jisse aayi, jaagi jahan se kalaa

the basis of civilization and the arts!!

Bindu is the anusvara, the nasal sound in the language that arises from vayu uniting the nose, throat, mouth and ears all senses bar touch and maybe in Braille that too. 
So let us celebrate Helen Keller as a great saint too. Well she is, in my book!

As Nida said

وو تم نہیں ہو تو پھر کون تھا وو تم جیسا 
کسی کا ذکر تو تھا ہر کتاب میں شامل

वो तुम नहीं हो तो फिर कौन था वो तुम जैसा 
किसी का ज़िक्र तो था हर किताब में शामिल

That is not answering a question. )

Ishq aazad hai, Hindu Na Musalmaan hai ishq,

Aap hii dharm hai aur aap hii imaan hai ishq

Jis se aage nahii.N shekh-o-Brahaman dono.N,

Us haqeeqat ka garajtaa hua ailaan hai ishq

The reality of that thundering proclamation is love

(Let me amend that to state pursuit of one you love is the noblest pursuit)

Rabba aaya dar de yaar de, saara jahaan chod chad ke
Mere sapane sawaar de, tennu dil da waasta
Ajj din chadheya, tere rang warga

So that actually is why Indra also sends Apsaras!

Women are more powerful than Kings or liquor.

(and they are governed by the sindoori bindu!)

The whole essence of Devaloka, Swarga, the position of Indra is that Indra struggles to finds the next one, the next Indra to take his position so Indra can aspire to the higher calling.

There is no exchange of bodily fluids involved in that succession. Well not necessarily!

Indra has to backfill his position like any good manager, the karma we do by diligently working in our job, earning our salt is as meritorious as worshipping the divine beyond divine.

That is why the betrayal of salt is considered not dharma, it is deviation from righteous path.

(Question answered!)

That is the power of salt.

He/she Parkhi, the questioner, if the masjid mandir has stopped moving, then you should realize, Salt is more powerful than Liquor.

An old man went for a walk (yahin Sabarmati se dandi tak) and picked up a handful of salt laden mud, and the whole world spanning empire where the sun never sets shook.

A pinch of rock can shake an empire.

The dhayana, the austerity of true Sadhu nee Muni nee Rishi nee Chimpoo nee Shashi can shake the Heavens above.

For conquest of senses, all senses and belief in higher power transcends the mundane, the flesh, and raises the spirit.

That transcending the flesh is what Indra is waiting for.

Indra is not jealous of his position. Indra does not aspire to hold the position forever, he has to find the one who can take his responsibility and he can then pass to higher mahata lokas.

As Siva pointed to Parvati about the ant that was struggling to lift the rock and was not being yelped by Siva (pun intended). Siva said, that ant has been Indra nineteen times because the jeeva did not completely realize the higher plains.

Is aasman ke aage aur aasman bhi hain!

Mahabharata states specifically, Devas worship Ribhus, their belief is to aspire to the World of Ribhus.

Is aasmaan ke aage aur aasmaan bhi hain…

People ask why we have a trinity, ribhus started off as three so we sort of stuck it out as three as the supreme, one of many reasons, after all we are Hindus, no one reason allowed.

Rig veda celebrates the Indra as a supreme deity, padho yaar tum dhyan se.

The Rig veda hymn that celebrates Indra (and is used in weddings!), there the end is interesting.

Let’s go to part two!

by Pranshu B Saxena

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