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Lakshmi Seshu asked 11 months ago

It is common knowledge that only Arjuna knows how to break into Padma Vyuha. Couple of other people who also know, did not participate in  the war. But on 14th day Bheema and Satyaki are able to enter it with out any hard struggle. They had to some how go past Drona. That’s all.  Did Arjuna destroy it so completely that it is no longer Padma Vyuham and no longer matters?
Pl. explain

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Mahabharata World Staff answered 11 months ago

Thanks for asking,
On 13th Day’s it was Jyadratha, the pupil of Shiva (or Shiva Granted him boon) who stopped all the Pandava’s (powerful warrior like Bhima and satyaki etc.) and Arjuna was already far away. It was not that Pandava’s were not capable to entry in Chakravyuha made by Drona.
Yes, definitely except Arjuna, Krishna and Pradyumana there were no one knowing to destroy it completely and return safely. Abhimanyu had knowledge but he was less experienced and without help he became exhausted and slain through group attack.
Now, on 14th Day, there was not only Padma Vyuha. Drona made Chakra, shakat, suchimukh vyuha + padma vyhas to save Jaydratha. Drona had done all things to prevent to Jayadratha death, even imparted the divine armour on Duryodhana, but still Arjuna slain Jaydratha which made him so furious and he attacked on pandavas in night.
Bhima and Satyaki were two great archers after Arjuna, who had destroyed Kauravas again and again. They both had proved it so many times even after Drona’s death too.
Pandava’s worked as a team and that’s gave them fruit aka Phala as Victory. The Kaurava warriors spoke of individual brilliance and individual action while Arjuna immediately stopped that train of thought and focused on joint action, to defend and to attack. Arjuna forsook the very celestial weapons he spent five years meditating as they would be adharmic to be used against the mere humans. 
Go through this one : Tree of Dharma – Nara Purushartha Teamwork

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