Can we have details of Pandavas bows and other weapons name?

DiscussionCategory: QuestionsCan we have details of Pandavas bows and other weapons name?
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On occasion of Virata Yuddha, Arjuna escorted the scared Prince Uttara to the Shami Tree, the hiding place for the weapons. There Uttara took down the weapons and five divine armors of the Pandavas. Agni had given a divine armor to Arjuna, who later got a second one for killing Nivatakavachas. Pandavas acquired atleast four other divine armors.
The Uttara describes the weapons, two bows each for Yudhishthara, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva.

  • Gandiva is the Bow decorated with 100 little golden flowers. 
  • Bhima‘s Gajaprastha Bow with elephant on its back. 
  • Yudhishthara’s Indragopa Bow with 60 golden Indragopa insects
  • Nakula’s Three Golden Suns bow
  • Mica Locusts Bow or Shalbhayantra was Sahadeva’s bow.

Arjuna’s quivers:

  • Thousand Naracha Arrows Quiver
  • Yellow Vipatha Arrows quiver

Bhima’s second bow: The Black Five Lion Bow with ability to hold and shoot ten Boar ear arrows at one time. 
Bhima ‘s quivers :

  • The Seven Hundred Naracha Arrows Quiver
  • The Green and Gold Arrows Quiver

Nakula’s quiver called Kalapa with legend of five lions. 
Sahadeva’s quiver with arrows with sun-heads.
Yudhishthara’s three parvana arrows quiver.
Arjuna’s Shilimukha Sword
Bhima’s VyaghraKosha Sword
Sahadeva’s Naishadha Unbreakable sword kept in Cow skin. 
Nakula’s Blue sword in Goatskin.
Yudhishthara’s Gold sheathed Black unbreakable divine sword of 30 inches length.
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