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Suman Shiva asked 9 months ago

What is the Name of Karna’s sons?

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Arjuna The Victor Staff answered 9 months ago

Thanks for Asking,
As per The Mahabharata (except folk tales and regional versions), Karna had 9 or more sons. I’m going mention all the names of Karna’s sons which are mentioned in the Mahabharata itself. Few sons of Karna were also unnamed. 

  • Vrishashena (eldest son of Karna – Killed By Arjuna (17th Day)
  • Satyasena (I) – Killed by Bhimashena
  • Satyasena (II) – Killed by Nakula
  • Sushena (I) – Killed by Uttamauja (Panchala Prince)
  • Sushena (II) – Killed by Satyaki
  • Sushena (III) – Killed by Nakula
  • Chitrasena- Killed by Nakula (Pandava Prince)
  • Sudaman – Killed by Arjuna (southern Text)
  • Prashena – Killed by Satyaki
  • Bhanushena – Killed by Bhimashena
  • Satyasandha

P/s:- Few Names are repetitive because they could be Karna’s Grandsons – son of his sons, so they are mentioned with same name. 

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