Shivani Patel asked 3 months ago

what are some examples of pride in the Mahabharata?

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Deepak Kumar Jha answered 3 months ago

In the Mahabharata, the word Pride is very common and used again and again for all the Kshatriya’s warrior.
Every Kshatriya’s were proud on their strength, capabilities, achievements and more and more things what they had!!
Every ladies of the Mahabharata were proud on the their own beauty, sons and husbands as they thought they have better then others. so, in my opinion, pride is the very common word in the Mahabharata.
As far as I know, I know few exceptional personalities whom had no pride or little pride then other viz – Yudhishthira, Krishna, Vyasa, Vidura and Sanjaya. These persons were pride-less or had no pride at all in their mind.
Below are few examples when we can clearly see the pride of the person.
1. Karna challenging Arjuna in Rangshala that he will chop off Arjuna’s head in instant.
2. Bhima’s reminding Karna about his birth and his work in Rangshala.
3. Drona and Drupada both had pride in their heart.
4. Karna always reminding Duryodhana that he will kill all the Pandavas single handily in the battlefield. Challenging Bhishma, insulting Drona, Ashwatthama and Kripa in the Viraat and Kurukshetra war.
5. Duryodhana’s boosting himself again and again! Complete nonsense!!
6. Bhima had shown so many times his pride in the Mb.
7. Arjuna had shown twice or thrice or more time his Kshatriya’s pride in the battle and Yudhishthira court while challenging Bhishma and others. He had also boosted in the battlefield before Krishna and Yudhishthira.
8. As per few observations Yudhishthira also had pride in his heart regarding Dharma, that he is the only guy who follow Dharma and Satya. (However, I support his pride!! 😇)
9. Twins had shown their pride so many times in the Mahabharata.
10. Abhimanyu, Satyaki, Vrishashena, Dhristdyumna, Shalya, Dushashna and more had always pride in theirselves for many things.
I can write so many incidents here with quoting Mahabharata, but I think above points are sufficient for now. 

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