Sahadeva – Victory, Achievement & Defeat

Sahadeva, the killer of great evil Shakuni, branch of Adharma Tree. He was the son of Madri and King Pandu. He was regarded as a Great Maharatha. He was the man, who challenged every kings in Rajsuya Yjaya, who all went against Krishna’s worship.

He was modest but a mighty warrior, skilled in battle, truthful, conversant with all the ways of morality and possessed great activity and impetuousness. He was appointed as a minister in Rajsuya Yajya.

He had vanquished many kings in the battle, the warriors of Kasi, Anga, and Kalinga and won many other countries. His energy was supreme and his equals were only four men on the earth – Aswatthaman, Dhrishtaketu, Rukmi and Pradyumna. He was hero among the men, and heart of of Kunti, Yudhishthira and every Pandava.

Here is an INDEX of Victory, Achievement and Defeat in the Great War (Mahabharata aka Bharata) by Mighty Sahadeva.









Mahrathi Karna




Maharatha Satyaki


Sources: Gita Press Mahabharata and KMG Mahabharata. (EDIT – suggest missing chapter – if any)


Defeated king of Madra, Shalya – Bhishma Parva (Chapter 83)


Defeat and destruction of large cavalry by Sahadeva – Bhishma Parva (Chapter 89)


Slain large Cavalry and forced them to retreat – Bhishma Parva (Chapter 105)


Defeated Durmukha, son of Dhritrahstra – Drona Parva (Chapter 107)


Killed to Nirmitra (Trigarta Prince) – Drona Parva (Chapter 107)


Duel with Dushashana and Defeated him – Drona Parva (Chapter 188)


Defeated to Paundra King – Karna Parva (Chapter 22)


Defeated to Dushashana – Karna Parva (Chapter 23)


Uluka’s Defeat (son of Shakuni) – Karna Parva (Chapter 61)


Killed Shalaya’s son (Rukmaratha?) – Shalya Parva (Chapter 11)


Uluka’s death by Sahadeva (Shakuni’s son) – Shalya Parva (Chapter 28)


Finally killed Shakuni, the master of every evil and deceits – Shalya Parva (Chapter 28)


1st Day duel with Durmukha – Bhishma Parva (Chapter 45)


Fight with Vikarna – Bhishma Parva (Chapter 71)


Duel with Kripa – Bhishma Parva (Chapter 110)


Duel with Kripa – Bhishma Parva (Chapter 111)


Duel with Shakuni – Drona Parva (Chapter 14)


Fight with Shakuni – Drona Parva (Chapter  96)


Fight with Durmukha – Drona Parva (Chapter  106 )


Fight with Shalya – Shalya Parva (Chapter 13)


Fight with Shalya – Shalya Parva (Chapter 15)


While winning so many battles in Kurukshetra war, of course, Sahdadeva had faced few defeats from the great the warrior like Karna and injured by Duryodhana etc…

Defeated by Karna – Drona Parva (Chapter 167)


Battle with Duryodhana and Injured by him (Duryodhana) – Karna Parva (Chapter 56)


Defeated by Karna – Karna Parva (Chapter 63)


Druapadi is describing Sahadeva’s valor to Jayadratha..

Sahadeva is the mighty and intelligent. He is the light of hand and fights with the sword. O foolish one! You will witness his deeds in battle today, like Shatakratu against the army of the daityas.

He is brave and skilled in the use of weapons. He is wise and learned. He performs acts that bring pleasure to the king, the son of Dharma. He is like the moon and the sun in his energy.

He is the youngest of the Pandavas and is loved by them. There is no other man who is his equal in intelligence. He is eloquent in an assembly of the wise. He is brave and always intolerant.

He is Sahadeva, my husband. He is ready to give up his life or enter the fire, rather than act against Dharma. He is always wise and devoted to the Dharma of kshatriyas.

He is brave among men and is dearer to Kunti than her life. Like a boat filled with gems on the edge of the ocean, riding on the back of a shark and destroyed, you will see the soldiers in your army destroyed and freed by the sons of Pandu.

The Great Sahadeva


Next Warrior

Abhimanyu – The Undefeated warrior


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