The Durvasa visit and Krishna – Part 3

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The Durvasa visit and Krishna

Krishna visits Pandavas in the beginning of Vana Parva and apologizes for not being there at time of Dyuta. Satyaki and Balarama want to destroy Kauravas. Then, Pandavas visit the Yadavas at Prabhasa. Satyaki and Balarama have not given up their homicidal tendencies. Then Krishna visits with Satyabhama alone. He does not bring the blood-thirsty relations with him this time. He had enough of blood and gore talk and Samba salivating at tearing the arms of Dushasana and beating him to death with them.

This visit is dominated by the incandescent qualities and luminous intelligence of Draupadi as she confers with her samdhin, Satyabhama (after all Suthanu married Bhanu).

Next Krishna comes is at end of the Virata Parva with the BaraatBharata or BandBajaBharata! (copyright pending), aaj mere bhanje ki shaadi hai!