(Hindi title Chanda Mama, Dino Dada and Meri Maa)

In the second part, the author, it may surprise you to learn, one whom your present interlocutor is in habit of defining by means of the perpendicular pronoun stated

Our views are not completely shaped by trends and popular concepts of the CURRENT day aka 2019. That is my belief. It cannot be. For a very simple reason.

Gurudev.The Guru.The teacher.

The opinion makers, the policy makers, the thought pundits of the day (2019) are shaped by the Gurus who taught them in 1970s and 1980s.

The cultural thought process and cultural mores still prevalent on the idealized plane in 1970s-80s are those reflected in 2019.

Yes, in real world, there is some massive or seemingly massive changes, there is change is perception of society but those changes are in long term like makeup on the face of society which can be washed away easily.

So what happened in 1970s and 80s?

Lot of things. Vietnam happened.

We went to the moon. That is amazing scientific feat. On face of the evolution of man, through the eyes of the observer, it was yet another hill to climb.

Natural curiosity has driven human innovation.

When we came out of that cave, in trepidation and in fear, we saw a world of valley extending ahead of us. And we looked over the hill and we saw fire. We took that fire and we saw the next hill beyond it.

Agni deva lead the way.
THOU, Agni, shining in thy glory through the days, art brought to life from out the waters, from the stone;
From out the forest trees and herbs that grow on ground, thou, Sovran Lord of men art generated pure.
Thine is the Herald’s task and Cleanser’s duly timed; Leader art thou, and Kindler for the pious man.
Thou art Director, thou the ministering Priest: thou art the Brahman, Lord and Master in our home.

Agni is the consumer of forests, the dark pathed and the bright shining. White hued, Vociferous, abiding in the firmament of the imperishable resounding winds, the youngest of gods, purifying and feeding on the vast and substantial forests, clearing for agriculture, making roads and villages and cities and pastures, creating wealth and prosperity.

We went to that hill and we saw the verdant fields of wild grains.

We took that and we went beyond that to the next hill, and we crossed the ocean, and we built the pyramids, and we built the great wall, Maths, Science and history, it all starts when we look ahead and see the next mountain to climb.

We discovered the new world, we pioneered the west and we took to the sky. The history of man is hung on a timeline of exploration and Moon was what’s next.

Next we looked from moon and we saw Mars! Mangalayana is a great achievement but it is just another stepping stone. Let us now look to the next Hill to climb.

Aasman ke paar shayad aur koi aasman hoga
Badalon ke par baton par koi barish ka makaan hoga
Main hawa ke paron pe kahaan ja raha hoon kahaan

There must be some other sky beyond this sky
There must be a house of rain on the mountains of clouds
There am I going on the wings of air, where am I going..

kabhi udta hua
kabhi mudta hua
mera raasta chala

Sometimes forwards
Sometimes stepping back
My path continues…

Even the conquest of moon is just a natural step in the evolution.

1970s was also the decade of antidisestablishmentarianism. The views of our teachers who learned in 1940s and 1950s, grandfathered into our subconscious.

We had a very seminal event in history of Man in 1940s. It is called the Second World War. It was in that War, that we realized the ghastly depths to which humanity can sink too.

The horror of man’s inhumanity to man was revealed in the camps of Auschwitz, Dachau, and countless other location all over the world.

We saw the final effects of the philosophy called Nazism and its blood sucking impact on the populations under its control. More than 50 million people died because of their tyranny. That is an understatement. Jews, Romanies were decimated while Slavs alone lost 27 million atleast.

The thought makers then went through a horrible exposure to their inner demons and what unbridled unchecked populism can do to a society, to a nation and to generations scarred by that. For generations, Germans travelling abroad in Europe identified themselves as Austrians in fear of the response they might get.

The 1970s and 1980s also brought the hollywoodization of that war, Operation Market Garden (Bridge too far), The Greatest Day (D-Day), Battle of Britain, Battle of Bulge et all colored the opinion makers in their teens in 1970s and 1980s.

The hero single warrior image generated by our Kino industry all over the world, gives a very different picture and feel to that War.

The first effect of Hollywoodization is that, it is not accurate but it reflects reality. But the faux ersatz nature of the makeup and the shining lights, lend itself open to calumnies.

Therefore, they say “History is written by winners.” Bull SHIT.

Biggest example is the Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are called so and used in popular parlance as meaning something decaying, dead, obsolete. Something which has failed.Something that has gone by their sell by date. Their bodies are used to fuel the current industrial revolution and probably this web page.

It is part of their gift to us. Dinosaurs ruled the world for 160 MILLION YEARS!. Puny humans have barely been affecting their dominance on this earth for 400 years as per the new study. 

We who have not been able to effect the world around us for more than four thousand years, we who have not even survived as species for 300,000 years let alone dominated any portion of earth from the great beasts until recently.

WE the puny humans call Dinosaurs obsolete.

We have been in control of this earth for 40,000 times less duration than dinosaurs, we who have affected it for just 400 years, drastically for last 100 endangering ourselves, one might add.

We dare call them obsolete, the winners of nature’s lottery. 
Dinosaurs are the ones who lasted longer than any of the other species as the 6 great mass species extinction events tell us.

Most species last just 10 million years.

Dinosaurs are extinct! What the heck are you saying? Look above your heads, the theropod dinosaurs dominate the skies.

400 billion of them or 60 for each one of us.

The Birds are still here.

And you say Winners write the history.

We have people on this and other newgroups who like Sonam Kapoor think they are the icons that they use for their facebook pages. They are the ones who start the conflicts on the discussions.

Adhgat gajri chalkat jaye.

Arguments always start between person who has not cleaned his Now-tinted lens and the one who has.

The discussions start between the ones with clean Now-tinted lens though of different hues, shaped by their diversity of teachers, experiences and views.

For example a person who is born in 1940s and still an influential opinion maker who is taught by a person born in 1920s and older, whose view of right and wrong, whose slate of experiences, whose view of rights of man or woman may differ from a later generation. That will call things into discussion, never conflict.

And that conflict is never on history is written by victors, that never happens. History is written on evidence.

Novels are not. Popular history is written by novelists. 
The novelization of history is done by the novelists, not historians.

Do not confuse the novelization of history as History.
In Hindi,

Do not confuse Nataka as Itihasa. 
Do not confuse Nataka as Itihasa-Purana.

But that is what lot of people do.

Hey, it is not that the Natakas are or novelists are bad or wrong.

There is nothing wrong in creativity.

Nida again
कभी कभी यूं भी हमने जी को बहलाया है
जिन बातों को नहीं समझे औरों कोस मझाया है

History is vast, it is massive, it is reams of pages and data. The sheer size, sheer volume, sheer amount of data available to a historian is mind boggling to say the least. Imagine what it does to a lay person.

Meri maan

The lady who gets up before the sun to take care of her family. She cooks food for the children, takes care of them, takes care of the elderly members of family, takes care of husband, takes care of the house, she is working from morning to night.

She, the housewife, is the crucial critical cog in the modern civilization, the foundation. Maa, Amma, Aayi.

She does not do it because Ramayana tells her to do it or otherwise. It is in a way her dharmik struggle.

The righteous way. Kaushika the great Brahmin could not even raise a tantrum in front of the Indian housewife. (Story of Dharmavyadh in Mahabharata.)

She does not get paid for this. She does not get any penson.

She does not get any security, her job tenure can be finished in a second by a nasty saas, roving eye of the husband or he leaves home to seek god.

Never heard of a woman who left her house to seek god, only men!

In a socialized society built on pensions, insurances and structures to support the life, she has no security blanket.

She gets few hours to devote her mind and tired body to rest and delve into realm of escapism. The Idiot box has a good side to it.

Isvara yata karoti shobhanam karoti.

She the housewife has a hard life, religion is a solace and a security blanket also. There are babas now popping everywhere, taking advantage of the gullibility of the devotees. 25% of all the hindi news is astrology news! He raam!

Another 25% is the serial saas-bahu news. Ok escapism is allowed.

And thus TV serials on religion are part of this confused set up of modern Indian televisual set up.

So, I do not lose any sleep over the fake novelizations of the various religious and historical serials. They are not the actual Itihaspurana and not the actual representation of the Epic despite protestations of their fans.


They can be more true. They can be more informative. The lady works too hard. She needs easy to follow stories and she does not need to know that Daksha had a daughter who had a daughter who had five daughters one of whom had three daughters who had Vasuki and Garuda. No, Vasuki and Garuda are not step-siblings. More of Cousins.

But, she does not need to know that, she calls the Gorakhpur wale Chacha as Chachaji though technically he is her father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.

This is where novelization helps.

What gets my gall is the thousands of young men who have opportunities denied to their mothers and sisters to relax and review the actual Books because of thee pressure of house work.

Those young men still spit on those opportunities and pretend these novelizations are Sacred Cows.

They claim we need to analyze more!! That is why Gall comes up.

These are the people, it may not surprise you to learn, are the ones whom your present interlocutor is in habit of defining by means of the perpendicular finger.

The second part is when the novelists start thinking of themselves as the Epic scholars, they are the dumber downs of the epic, they by the genre need to simplify the epic to half hour family friendly programming. They start thinking they can add some new scenes or agendas, that is fine. Creativity is never a curse. But then, don’t pretend that these are genuine questions raised inside the Epic.

Asking questions is not wrong. You should. Raise questions in scholarly setting, raise questions in proper setting. Do not use the sources of the fake false stories and pretend they are reflection of the deeper religious and spiritual aspects of society.

Do not pretend that some tribe in papaua new gunea worship the villains.

These stories are so that your amma or anna or sunti ho can snatch a half hour of rest. That is all the spiritual significance of this is.

by Pranshu B Saxena

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