The Mind Game!!!!

We all know about the famous dice game incident. But most of us not aware about those incidents that happened after the dice game.

It is the most important event of the Mahabharata and also the one of the most brutal mind game of nerve was played at the cost of a woman. Serials now days portray it in feminists’ way where a woman was dragged and insulted and the entire hall watched and her spineless husbands did nothing to protect her. Well it may suit some people but that’s not the actual case – a far complex scenario.

During Dice game Yudisthira lost everything. Shakuni then incited Yudisthira to stake Draupadi as last option to win everything back.

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  • The son of Suvala then, addressing Yudhishthira said,–‘O king, there is still one stake dear to thee that is still unwon. Stake thou Krishna, the princess of Panchala. By her, win thyself back.‘”
  • Yudisthira was filled with pride, anger and staked everything as object.
  • He staked his brothers Arjuna and Bhima as object as he was proud of their warrior skill and physical strength respectively.
  • Now he staked his wife as object as he was proud of the physical beauty of his wife Draupadi.
  • This is how he described Draupadi’s physical beauty while staking her (No words to describe how shameful this act was)-
    • “Yudhishthira said,–‘With Draupadi as stake, who is neither short nor tall, neither spare nor corpulent, and who is possessed of blue curly locks, I will now play with thee. Possessed of eyes like the leaves of the autumn lotus, and fragrant also as the autumn lotus, equal in beauty unto her (Lakshmi) who delighteth in autumn lotuses, and unto Sree herself in symmetry and every grace she is such a woman as a man may desire for wife in respect of softness of heart, and wealth of beauty and of virtues. Possessed of every accomplishment and compassionate and sweet-speeched, she is such a woman as a man may desire for wife in respect of her fitness for the acquisition of virtue and pleasure and wealth. Retiring to bed last and waking up first, she looketh after all down to the cowherds and the shepherds. Her face too, when covered with sweat, looketh as the lotus or the jasmine. Of slender waist like that of the wasp, of long flowing locks, of red lips, and body without down, is the princess of Panchala. O king, making the slender-waisted Draupadi, who is even such as my stake, I will play with thee, O son of Suvala.'” [Ref – Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section LXIV]

The dice game and the incidents post first dice game – It is the most important event of the Mahabharata and also the one of the most brutal psychological game of nerve was played at the cost of a woman.

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  • Yudisthira loses his final bet on Draupadi and Duryodhana first asked Vidura to bring her in assembly so that she can sweep the hall as slave like other woman.
  • Vidura didn’t agree. So Duryodhana sent Pratikamin a person from Suta caste to bring her there. He obliged. But Drauapdi questions many things and asked him to go back to Yudisthira to check whether he lost himself first or he staked him before losing herself.
  • But Duryodhana protested by saying let her come to assembly and then discuss with Yudisthira in front of every body.
  • Yudisthira was a shrewd politician. He sent a trusted messenger to Draupadi to come in assembly hall weeping bitterly in the same attire to invoke sympathy in the mind of people who were present in the assembly so that her father in law Dritarastra give up and release them. The messenger informed that to Draupadi.
    • Precisely after losing every thing including brothers, himself and wife he was now depending on his wife save himself and his brothers but technically that was the only way left for him in reality!!!!
      • “Yudhishthira, however, O bull of the Bharata race, hearing of Duryodhana’s intentions, sent a trusted messenger unto Draupadi, directing that although she was attired in one piece of cloth with her navel itself exposed, in consequence of her season having come, she should come before her father-in-law weeping bitterly. And that intelligent messenger, O king, having gone to Draupadi’s abode with speed, informed her of the intentions of Yudhishthira. The illustrious Pandavas, meanwhile, distressed and sorrowful, and bound by promise, could not settle what they should do.”[Ref – Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section LXVI]
  • Mean while Duryodhana first asked Pratikamin to back and bring Krishna. But he was actually scared for Draupadi and Duryodhana understood that.
    • And casting his eyes upon them, king Duryodhana, glad at heart, addressed the Suta and said,–‘O Pratikamin, bring her hither. Let the Kauravas answer her question before her face. The Suta, then, obedient to his commands, but terrified at the (possible) wrath of the daughter of Drupada, disregarding his reputation for intelligence, once again said to those that were in the assembly,–what shall I say unto Krishna?‘” [Ref – Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section LXVI]
  • So he asked Dussashana to bring Draupadi in assembly –
    • Duryodhana, hearing this, said,–‘O Dussasana, this son of my Suta, of little intelligence, feareth Vrikodara. Therefore, go thou thyself and forcibly bring hither the daughter of Yajnasena, Our enemies at present are dependent on our will. What can they do thee?’”[Ref – Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section LXVI]
  • Dussashana went to inner apartment and dragged Draupadi to the assembly house by pulling her hair while she was in single garment and in her season. She was just crying and continuously asking him to not to do so but Dussasana didn’t listened. [One of the most shameful act – even if you consider her as slave (nasty thinking any way) then think how slaves were treated that time!!!!]
  • Druapadi then asked a question to the assembly –
    • ”The king was summoned to this assembly and though possessing no skill at dice, he was made to play with skillful, wicked, deceitful and desperate gamblers. How can he be said then to have staked voluntarily? The chief of the Pandavas was deprived of his senses by wretches of deceitful conduct and unholy instincts, acting together, and then vanquished. He could not understand their tricks, but he hath now done so. Here, in this assembly, there are Kurus who are the lords of both their sons and their daughters-in-law! Let all of them, reflecting well upon my words, duly decide the point that I have put.” [Ref – Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section LXVI]
  • The reason why we say Kouravas technically cheated Pandavas-
    • In case a person knowingly challenge another person in a particular skill where latter was unskilled under the garb of Warrior moral code then that was called cheating under same Warrior moral code.
    • When Jarasandha was challenged by Bhima, Krishna and Arjuna he chose Bhima to give equal fight – that was Warrior morality.
    • When Karna challenged only Arjuna among the whole warriors – that was Warrior morality.
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  • Seeing Drauapdi in such distressful situation, Bhima said angrily to Yudisthira that he wanted to burn the hand of Yudisthira.
    • Bhima was technically acting like a fool out of anger. He exposed to Kouravas that he had weakness on the account of Draupadi and he was ready to challenge even Yudisthira on her account which was exploited later by Duryodhana and Karna.
    • Bhima’s weakness precisely was he couldn’t control himself if his manliness was challenged or questioned or were asked to prove by Draupadi or by someone else in front of Draupadi. That’s not good in all situation.
      • The current situation demanded a calculated response to bring every body out of distressful situation and not just venting anger as they were the one who were technically at backfoot.
    • Arjuna tried to divert the situation by saying Yudisthira was in fact invited by Duryodhana to play according to the morality of Warrior usage.
    • Later in forest episode Yudisthira had accepted his part of fault that he desired to snatch the kingdom and it’s sovereignty from Duryodhana.
    • He had also accepted that even though he could have stopped playing but he couldn’t control his mind as it was influenced by pride and anger influence a person’s patience .
      • “From my folly alone hath this calamity come against you. I sought to cast the dice desiring to snatch from Dhritarashtra’s son his kingdom with the sovereignty. It was therefore that, that cunning gambler–Suvala’s son–played against me on behalf of Suyodhana. Sakuni, a native of the hilly country, is exceedingly artful. Casting the dice in the presence of the assembly, unacquainted as I am with artifices of any kind, he vanquished me artfully. It is, therefore, O Bhimasena, that we have been overwhelmed with this calamity. Beholding the dice favourable to the wishes of Sakuni in odds and evens, I could have controlled my mind. Anger, however, driveth off a person’s patience. O child, the mind cannot be kept under control when it is influenced by hauteur, vanity, or pride.[Ref – Vana Parva: Arjunabhigamana Parva: Section XXXIV]
    • The only thing that separates Yudisthira from other prime culprits (Karna, Duryodhana, Dritarastra, Dussashana and Shakuni) is that he was the only one who accepted his part of faults, tried to correct himself and offered an option of peaceful co-existence.
  • Vikarna – the Only Kourava who protested saying people must answer the question of Draupadi.
    • Vikarna questioned every body including Bhisma , Drona, Kripa, Vidura and every other king present in the assembly and urged them to answer the question raised by Princess Draupadi-
      • Beholding the Pandavas thus distressed and the princess of Panchala also thus afflicted, Vikarna the son of Dhritarashtra said–‘Ye kings, answer ye the question that hath been asked by Yajnaseni. If we do not judge a matter referred to us, all of us will assuredly have to go to hell without delay. How is that Bhishma and Dhritarashtra, both of whom are the oldest of the Kurus, as also the high-souled Vidura, do not say anything! The son of Bharadwaja who is the preceptor of us, as also Kripa, is here. Why do not these best of regenerate ones answer the question? Let also those other kings assembled here from all directions answer according to their judgment this question, leaving aside all motives of gain and anger. Ye kings, answer ye the question that hath been asked by this blessed daughter of king Drupada, and declare after reflection on which side each of ye is.’ Thus did Vikarna repeatedly appeal to those that were in that assembly. But those kings answered him not one word, good or ill. And Vikarna having repeatedly appealed to all the kings began to rub his hands and sigh like a snake.”[Ref – Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section LXVII]
    • Vikarna on why Yudisthira shouldn’t be regarded as authority as he engaged on one of the four vices of Kings –
      • And at last the prince said–‘Ye kings of the earth, ye Kauravas, whether ye answer this question or not, I will say what I regard as just and proper. Ye foremost of men, it hath been said that hunting, drinking, gambling, and too much enjoyment of women, are the four vices of kings. The man, that is addicted to these, liveth forsaking virtue. And people do not regard the acts done by a person who is thus improperly engaged, as of any authority. This son of Pandu, while deeply engaged in one of these vicious acts, urged thereto by deceitful gamblers, made Draupadi a stake.” [Ref – Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section LXVII]
    • Vikarna on why Draupadi shouldn’t be regarded as won –
      • The innocent Draupadi is, besides, the common wife of all the sons of Pandu. And the king, having first lost himself offered her as a stake. And Suvala himself desirous of a stake, indeed prevailed upon the king to stake this Krishna. Reflecting upon all these circumstances, I regard Draupadi as not won.“” [Ref – Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section LXVII]
    • Vikarna is definitely the real hero!!
  • Karna silenced her and said many things. Few of his words –
    • O son of the Kuru race, the gods have ordained only one husband for one womanThis Draupadi, however, hath many husbands. Therefore, certain it is that she is an unchaste woman. To bring her, therefore, into this assembly attired though she be in one piece of cloth–even to uncover her is not at all an act that may cause surprise” [Ref – Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section LXVII]
  • Clearly Karna’s view on marriage has nothing to do with what scripture said or what Kunti said.
    • It was his personal view who doesn’t accept wife sharingOn his view woman should have only one husband.
    • We must understand that Karna was anti-pandava from the very beginning.
    • On top of that he was not aware why Yudisthira had shared wife among brothers.
    • You can say Karna can be correct over Yudisthira but can he be more knowledgeable than Vyas or Narada?
      • If the marriage was solemnized and justified by Vyas then Karna should have questioned Vyas or Narada first place how can they justified the marriage.
      • As I mentioned earlier he was completely silent and didn’t raised a single issue at that moment when Pandavas appeared in Hastinapur with Draupadi.
      • Karna didn’t raised his voice against Vyas or when her husbands were free. He started raising voice only when her husbands were turned into slave. This was nothing but a case of opportunism!!!!
      • On top of that as per evidence available under the works of Mahabharata he himself had multiple wives and not one woman man as suggested by many fictional novels!!!!
    • The actual reason why Karna started insulting her is quite different. Look what Draupadi was trying to do at that moment.
      • She was vigorously defending Yudisthira by saying he was cheated and she was trying to garner support from Kurus by evoking sympathy for Yudisthira and seeking justice for him. She was trying to release her husbands from the clutches of bondage.
      • She must have got the clue when Yudisthira sent the message by asking her to expose her navel and come in assembly. Only thing she didn’t listened entirely to Yudisthira and tried to execute her plan on her own way. This why Draupadi had the beauty with brain.
      • She in fact got support from Vikarna and Vidura. Karna got the clue that she might sabotage the entire dice game plan and that’s why he lost the cool. All he was trying to stop her and show her the place. That’s why he stopped Vikarna also.
      • This was pathetic misunderstanding people have on dice game event that Karna insulted Draupadi to take revenge or out of lust. No, Karna didn’t insulted Draupadi for lust or revenge. But whatever his action was absolutely wrong.
  • Karna ordered to take off the robes and attire of Pandavas and Draupadi (As slave they were not supposed to wear them). His order was-
  • Draupadi prays to Gods and she was saved [As per KMG it was Krishna] Actually I believe the scene was over dramatized the way serials have been portrayed like She would go to stage and then Dussasana would pull her saris – that was too unrealistic!!!
  • Then Dussasana again tried to drag her on the order of Karna.
    • The kings that were there hearing these words of Vidura, answered not a word, yet Karna alone spoke unto Dussasana, telling him. Take away this serving-woman Krishna into the inner apartments. And thereupon Dussasana began to drag before all the spectators the helpless and modest Draupadi, trembling and crying piteously unto the Pandavas her lords” [Ref – Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section LXVII]
  • Even at that moment she didn’t lose her sense and said –
    • “Wait a little, thou worst of men, thou wicked-minded Dussasana. I have an act to perform–a high duty that hath not been performed by me yet. Dragged forcibly by this wretch’s strong arms, I was deprived of my senses. I salute these reverend seniors in this assembly of the Kurus. That I could not do this before cannot be my fault.”
  • What an awesome lady who didn’t even forget to revere seniors even in this distressful situation!!!
  • No body in fact answered the question posed by the brilliant lady. All were just blabbering!!!
  • Duryodhana then started another psychological game – He asked the other four Pandavas brothers to declare Yudisthira as liar.
    • The carrot was – they would be freed and their wife would be released.
    • Now you must understand it is very clever tactics – if they accept it then they would have no claim on throne and more over there is no guarantee that the promise they are making would be made in reality.
    • By this way they could break the unity of Pandavas.
    • On top of that if they protest against king or Duryodhana – they would have put to jail and executed thus removing them from his way.
    • Their weapon was already taken away and in case of war Bhisma, Kripa, Aswathamma and every body else would take the side of Duryodhana. Yudsithira understood that very well.
    • So the situation was like a boiling pot for Pandavas. It’s psychological game going on and the side breaks would lose!!!
  • Then Karna again insulted her by asking her to chose another husband from sons of Dritarastra because her husbands are now slaves and can’t continue to be her lord.
    • He also mocked Yudisthira to for staking princess of Panchala on dice game.
      • “Of all the persons in the assembly, three, viz., Bhishma, Vidura, and the preceptor of the Kurus (Drona) appear to be independent; for they always speak of their master as wicked, always censure him, and never wish for his prosperity. O excellent one, the slave, the son, and the wife are always dependent. They cannot earn wealth, for whatever they earn belongeth to their master. Thou art the wife of a slave incapable of possessing anything on his own account. Repair now to the inner apartments of king Dhritarashtra and serve the king’s relatives.We direct that that is now thy proper business. And, O princess, all the sons of Dhritarashtra and not the sons of Pritha are now thy masters. O handsome one, select thou another husband now,–one who will not make thee a slave by gambling. It is well-known that women, especially that are slaves, are not censurable if they proceed with freedom in electing husbands. Therefore let it be done by thee. Nakula hath been won, as also Bhimasena, and Yudhishthira also, and Sahadeva, and Arjuna. And, O Yajnaseni, thou art now a slave. Thy husbands that are slaves cannot continue to be thy lords any longer. Alas, doth not the son of Pritha regards life, prowess and manhood as of no use that he offereth this daughter of Drupada, the king of Panchala, in the presence of all this assembly, as a stake at dice?[ref – Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section LXX]
    • While Karna was probably right in questioning the manliness, prowess or manhood of Yudhisthira as he offered this daughter of Drupada, he was absolutely not correct on mocking a woman who was in distress – asking her to select another husband. Later Krishna would raised this issue against him.
  • There are many people who feels Karna would have treated wife better which I don’t agree with at all.
    • Here Yudisthira’s weakness got exposed as he staked his wife to win back kingdom as dice was his problem. Karna was not outside the prevalent system. I will give two separate example-
    • The below words were spoken on 17th day where Karna was offering gifts to soldiers who would point him to Arjuna in battlefield. In offer he mentions that he is ready give his own wife and sons as gift if some body asked for that in exchange of the above information. I also really don’t know what Karna would have done if some body really asked his sons or wives as charity!!!!
      • “To him that will discover Dhananjaya to me, I shall also give a hundred female slaves, with golden collars, belonging to the country of the Magadhas, and of very youthful age. If that does not satisfy the person that discovers Arjuna to me, I will make him a more valuable gift, that, indeed, which he himself will solicit. Sons, wives and articles of pleasure and enjoyment that I have, these all I shall give him if he desires them. Indeed, unto him who discovers Keshava and Arjuna to me, I shall, after slaying those two, give all the wealth that may be left by them.” [Ref – Karna Parva: Section 38]
    • Again before Bhisma Karna said that he could cast away anything including his wife and sons for Duryodhana’s sake –
      • Having (so long) enjoyed the wealth of Duryodhana, I dare not falsify it now. Like Vasudeva’s son who is firmly resolved for the sake of the Pandavas, I also, O thou that makest profuse presents to Brahmanas, am prepared to cast away my possessions, my body itself, my children, and my wife, for Duryodhana’s sake!” [Ref – Bhishma Parva: Bhagavat-Gita Parva: Section CXXIV]
    • So the system itself is flawed where Yudisthira could stake his brothers, kingdom and wife for regaining back the kingdom and Karna could sacrifice anything for charity or the sake of his friend. The issue is priority – prioritizing other things over wife.
      • Yudisthira staked himself before staking his wife. So in that way he had given more respect to his wife than himself but in turn he gave more priority of regaining back kingdom more than the respect of his wife!!!
  • To make Bhima angry and take a very drastic step so that they can achieve what they were expecting (Mentioned earlier) –
    • “And having spoken thus unto the son of Kunti, Duryodhana. desirous of encouraging the son of Radha and insulting Bhima, quickly uncovered his left thigh that was like unto the stem of a plantain tree or the trunk of an elephant and which was graced with every auspicious sign and endued with the strength of thunder, and showed it to Draupadi in her very sight. And beholding this, Bhimasena expanding his red eyes, said unto Duryodhana in the midst of all those kings and as if piercing them (with his dart-like words),–‘Let not Vrikodara attain to the regions, obtained by his ancestors, if he doth not break that thigh of thine in the great conflict.” [Ref – Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section LXX]
  • Vidura actually told the entire thing is technically wrong as Yudisthira already lost himself before staking Draupadi and Shakuni forced him to play the dice –
    • “If Yudhishthira had staked her before he was himself won, he would certainly have been regarded as her master. If, however a person staketh anything at a time when he himself is incapable of holding any wealth, to win it is very like obtaining wealth in a dream. [Ref – Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section LXX]
  • At that time Arjuna agreed with Vidura’s contention and said the following words –
    • This illustrious son of Kunti, king Yudhishthira the just, was certainly our master before he began to play. But having lost himself, let all the Kauravas judge whose master he could be after that.” [Ref – Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section LXX].
  • Just then a jackal began to cry in the chamber of Dhritarastra. Birds also responded with similar sounds[Ref – Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section LXX].
  • Dhritarashtra and others lost their nerves on anticipating the bad omen coming out from the sounds of jackal and birds!!! – –
    • “Thou wicked-minded Duryodhana, thou wretch, destruction hath all ready overtaken thee when thou insultest in language such as this the wife of these bulls among the Kurus, especially their wedded wife Draupadi. And having spoken those words, the wise Dhritarashtra endued with knowledge, reflecting with the aid of his wisdom and desirous of saving his relatives and friends from destruction, began to console Krishna, the princess of Panchala, and addressing her, the monarch said,–‘Ask of me any boon, O princess of Panchala, that thou desirest, Chaste and devoted to virtue, thou art the first of all my daughters-in-law. [Ref – Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section LXX]
  • So basically Duryodhana and Karna played well initially but Dhritarashtra who was very fond of his son couldn’t hold the nerve and psychological game got over.
    • They had already won whatever they could from Pandavas and then they tried to finish off the Pandavas completely so that there could be no challenge to Duryodhana’s claim on the throne.
    • Actually if they had not insulted Draupadi in such a way they could have actually got every thing they wanted – but due to their extreme intolerance towards Pandavas they lost their mind.
  • If you see even though Vidura declared the stake was invalid, Karna still hold her as slave as one of the reason was her husbands were already turned into slave. So the staking of Draupadi was facade to put the blame on Yudisthira that he staked his wife – It’s my personal assumption.
  • Many people loved to portray it as Karna’s revenge against Draupadi for calling him as Sutaputra – That’s not the actual case.
    • BORI critical edition said Karna being called as Sutaputra is an interpolation.
    • As per them it is also illogical that a girl who accepted an unknown Bramhin without any question and later even accepted the mother-in-law’s word of getting married to five brothers without any question would question a participation of a King when her fathers and brothers didn’t protested.
    • It is also unthinkable for me that Karna would participate for winning a girl for his own where Duryodhana himself is participating. I mean there is no way Karna would complete with Duryodhana for same girl. Even if Karna tried he tried to win the Draupadi for Duryodhana and not for himself. That’s why probably later he humiliates her by asking her to chose Duryodhana as her husband.
    • Even if you go by a true warrior definition – no warrior would ever think of taking revenge against a woman. If he does he can’t be call a true warrior / Khsatriya.
    • Later repented for his conducts towards Pandavas when he came to about his birth secret from Krishna.
      • For those harsh words, O Krishna, that I said before unto the sons of Pandu for the gratification of Dhritarashtra’s son,–for that wicked conduct of mine,–I am consumed with repentance.” [Udyoga Parva: Bhagwat Yana Parva: Section CXLI]
    • He did many things against Pandavas but the moment he came know that Pandavas are indeed his brothers he repented before Krishna.
      • So here you go – the acts which were valid against an enemies no more valid because he discovered that those enemies were actually his brothers.
      • How could a certain act become just to unjust – just because of change of an identity? If his act towards Pandavas valid before then it should have remained valid even after the new found identity of Pandavas.
      • If his act against Draupadi was valid on ground that she was slave, unchaste or some thing else then it should have remained valid even if she turned out to be sister-in law.
      • Repenting means the act he did was actually done on the ground of hatred towards enemies and not on any actual justification.
    • If you look carefully Karna started insulting Drauapdi only after she started raising voice in favor of Yudisthira by calling out he was cheated and the game was unethical.
      • At that time Karna understood the intention of Draupadi that she was trying to save Pandavas and trying to convince Kuru elders. In fact Vikarna was already started raising his voice on her favor.
      • He understood she may succeed in proving the game was unethical and therefore he lost his cool at that and tried put her in place as well as stopped Vikarna from speaking further.
    • The other reason why torture was done precisely to make Bhima do some rash or foolish act as he exposed his weakness for Draupadi that he was ready to transgress even Yudisthira for her.
      • Bhima was the one who tortured Kouravas in child hood and had great enmity with Duryodhana. He was poisoned by them.
      • Bhima in turn insulted Karna in in the Hastinapur game show.
      • Kouravas used to believe Bhima is the main power center of Pandavas and savior of them.
    • It was Draupadi’s sheer display of mental strength that she was able to stood on her ground even on such a distressful situation.
      • The constant insult was heaped on Draupadi and simultaneous mocking was a planned action by Duryodhana to incite Bhima to either make him act against Yudisthira or against the King/state.
      • In both case they would have achieve the success.
      • Only problem was probably Karna and Duryodhana were not in sync. Duryodhana had no clue of Draupadi’s intention and why Karna was insulting her. Karna had no clue of Duryodhana’s intention at least at initial stage. So they messed it up!!
    • The following words were spoken by Duryodhana when they heard Pandavas married Draupadi and in fact alive. He was suggesting to kill Bhima by some means –
      • Bhima is the strongest of them all. Relying upon Bhima alone, the Pandavas used to disregard us, of old. Bhima is fierce and brave and the (sole) refuge of the Pandavas. If he be slain, the others will be deprived of strength and energy. Deprived of Bhima who is their sole refuge, they will no longer strive to regain their kingdom. Arjuna, O king, is invincible in battle, if Bhima protecteth him from behind. Without Bhima, Arjuna is not equal to even a fourth part of Radheya. Indeed, O king, the Pandavas conscious of their own feebleness without Bhima and of our strength would not really strive to recover the kingdom.”[Ref – Adi Parva: Viduragamana Parva: Section CCIII]
    • She was just used as pawn only because she was the wife of the enemies.

Dhritarashtra lost his nerve and asked Draupadi what boon she want from him.

  • She asked two boon. The mind game Duryodhana was playing got over!!!
    • “Draupadi said,–‘O bull of the Bharata race, if thou will grant me a boon, I ask the handsome Yudhishthira, obedient to every duty, be freed from slavery. Let not unthinking children call my child Prativindhya endued with great energy of mind as the son of a slave. Having been a prince, so superior to all men, and nurtured by kings it is not proper that he should be called the child of a slave.
    • “Dhritarashtra said unto her,–‘O auspicious one, let it be as thou sayest. O excellent one, ask thou another boon, for I will give it. My heart inclineth to give thee a second boon. Thou dost not deserve only one boon.
    • Draupadi said,–‘I ask, O king, that Bhimasena and Dhananjaya and the twins also, with their cars and bows, freed from bondage, regain their liberty.’
    • ‘Dhritarashtra said,–‘O blessed daughter, let it be as thou desirest. Ask thou a third boon, for thou hast not been sufficiently honoured with two boons. Virtuous in thy behaviour, thou art the foremost of all my daughters-in-law.
    • Draupadi said,–‘O best of kings, O illustrious one, covetousness always bringeth about loss of virtue. I do not deserve a third boon. Therefore I dare not ask any. O king of kings, it hath been said that a Vaisya may ask one boon; a Kshatriya lady, two boons; a Kshatriya male, three, and a Brahmana, a hundred. O king, these my husbands freed from the wretched state of bondage, will be able to achieve prosperity by their own virtuous acts!'” [Ref – Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section LXX]

Points to be noted –

  • She first released Yudisthira the king from bondage and then she freed her other husbands from bondage.
  • She didn’t wanted her eldest son Prativindhya to be known as a son of slave. That’s the precise reason why she chose Yudisthira to be released first even though it was said that she was partial towards Arjuna.
    • It proves that She was very much aware about her duty as Mother.
  • The second thing which was probably untold was in Yudisthira only their status resides as only he had the right to inherit the property. Therefore entire freedom of Pandavas to run a state independently depends solely on the freedom of Yudisthira.

The events that followed the boon granted by Dritarastra –

  • Karna then noted the act of Draupadi for saving the sons of Pandu and obviously simultaneously mocked Pandavas again –
    • According to Karna, Draupadi became the boat to sons of Pandu who were on distress and brought them to the safety to shore.
      • Now you must have understood why he told such as I have already explained why Karna had insulted Draupadi. Only thing out of anger they played the cards in bad way allowing Draupadi to succeed in releasing Pandavas from Bondage.
    • Precisely this is what Yudisthira wanted when he sent a messenger to Draupadi and asking her to come weepingly in single garment with navel exposed to evoke sympathy in the mind of King Dritarastra.
      • “”Karna said,–‘We have never heard of such an act (as this one of Draupadi), performed by any of the women noted in this world for their beauty. When the sons of both Pandu and Dhritarashtra were excited with wrath, this Draupadi became unto the sons of Pandu as their salvation. Indeed the princess of Panchala, becoming as a boat unto the sons of Pandu who were sinking in a boatless ocean of distress, hath brought them in safety to the shore.'””[Ref – Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section LXXI]
  • Bhima couldn’t brook those words of Karna and got very angry but at that time Arjuna again pacified him and stopped him from doing some thing destructive action.
    • Arjuna’s contention was even if some body insult that doesn’t means one has to retaliate in same way – well it could be debatable.
    • He was later stopped by Yudsithira from doing anything.
  • Duryodhana couldn’t tolerate losing out in such a way and he convinced his father to call them for a second match.
    • The match happens and they lose out again. At that time the clause was 12 years of exile and 1 year of unrecognized stay.
    • He didn’t even listened to the council of Bhisma, Vidura and others. Obviously this time also Yudisthira lost the match.
  • Dussasana then insulted Draupadi and asked her to select another husband from them –
    • The wise Yajnasena of the Somaka race, having bestowed his daughter–the princess of Panchala–on the sons of Pandu, acted most unfortunately for the husbands of Yajnaseni–these sons of Pritha are as eunuchs. And O Yajnaseni, what joy will be thine upon beholding in the woods these thy husbands dressed in skins and thread-bare rags, deprived of their wealth and possessions. Elect thou a husband, whomsoever thou likest, from among all these present here.” [Ref – Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section LXXVI]
  • Not only that, then he insulted Bhima and started dancing around them by calling them as cow.
  • Bhima couldn’t brook this time and not only he took vow to slay and drink blood of Dussasana but also forced Arjuna to take vow of killing Karna and Sahadeva to kill Shakuni –
    • “’I will slay Duryodhana, and Dhananjaya will slay Karna, and Sahadeva will slay Sakuni that gambler with dice. I also repeat in this assembly these proud words which the gods will assuredly make good, if ever we engage in battle with the Kurus, I will slay this wretched Duryodhana in battle with my mace, and prostrating him on the ground I will place my foot on his head. And as regards this (other) wicked person–Dussasana who is audacious in speech, I will drink his blood like a lion. [Ref – Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section LXXVI]
  • On order of Bhima, Arjuna took the vow of slaying Karna with his followers. –
    • “And Arjuna said,–‘O Bhima, I will, as thou directest, slay in battle this Karna so malicious and jealous and harsh-speeched and vain. For doing what is agreeable to Bhima, Arjuna voweth that he will slay in battle with his arrows this Karna with all his followers. And I will send unto the regions of Yama also all those other kings that will from foolishness fight against me.'” [Ref – Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section LXXVI]
  • Sahadeva also vowed to kill Shakuni.
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Draupadi’s quest for justice (Not revenge as we think) –

  • But even through she freed her husbands she didn’t forgot the humiliation she faced.
  • She knew that Bhima and Sahadeva both were wrathful and they don’t need any incitement to fulfill their vows. The moment they gets the opportunity they would go after to fulfill their vow.
  • Only problem was with Arjuna.
    • Arjuna had weakness towards Bhisma and Drona. Without Arjuna fighting she can’t get the justice done any way.
    • Arjuna was the best warrior among the all of Pandava warriors and only one who can fight or defeat Karna, Drona or Bhisma and Duryodhana can’t be defeated with out killing them.
    • Arjuna was competent in skill, courage and bravery but lacked the aggression or wrath required to fight against likes of Karna, Drona or Bhisma.
    • So he had to be provoked by some one and only one could ensure that was Krishna. Arjuna would do any thing if it is asked to do by Krishna.
  • Draupadi was very intelligent lady and was well aware about quality and flaws of her husbands. She spoke the qualities of her husbands to Jayadratha when he was trying to abduct her [Ref – Vana Parva: Draupadi-harana Parva: Section CCLXVIII].
    • Arjuna according to Draupadi –
      • With senses under complete control and
      • Reverence for the old–that brother and disciple of Yudhishthira.
      • Virtue he never forsaketh, from lust or fear or anger!
      • Nor doth he ever commit a deed that is cruel.
      • The above points were Arjuna’s quality as well as the weakness under a certain exceptional circumstances – like the dice game incident.
    • Bhima according to Draupadi –
      • They that offend him are never suffered to live.
      • He never forgetteth a foe.
      • On some pretext or other he wrecketh his vengeance.
      • Nor is he pacified even after he has wrecked a signal vengeance.
    • Sahadeva according to Draupadi –
      • Heroic, intelligent, wise and ever wrathful there is not another man equal unto him in intelligence or in eloquence amid assemblies of the wise.
      • Dearer to Kunti than her own soul, he is always mindful of the duties of Kshatriyas, and would much sooner rush into fire or sacrifice his own life than say anything that is opposed to religion and morals.
  • So she asked Krishna for her justice. She blamed Arjuna in front of Krishna and then she blamed on Krishna as well.
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Draupadi asked for Justice from her dear friend Lord Krishna-

  • Let me give the details which actually sealed the fate of every body.
    • ‘“O Madhusudana! I have no husbands. I have no sons. I do not have a brother or a father. Nor do I have any relatives. When I was oppressed by inferior ones, you ignored me, unmoved by sorrow. My grief that Karna laughed at me then will never be pacified.
  • The promise of Krishna –
    • “Then Krishna spoke to her in that assembly of warriors, “O beautiful one! The wives of those who have angered you will weep like this. They will see the dead bodies lying on the ground, bereft of life. Their bodies will be covered with Bibhatsu’s arrows and will be drenched with blood. Do not sorrow. I will do whatever the Pandavas can do. I will make you a promise. You will be the queen of kings. The heavens may fall, the Himalayas may be rent asunder, the earth may splinter and the ocean may dry up. O Krishna! But my words will not be falsified.”[Ref – The Mahabharata: Volume 2 (Kindle Locations 4923-4927). Penguin Books Ltd. Kindle Edition.]
    • The following quotes are available only in KMG and not in Critic edition –
      • Draupadi looked obliquely at her third husband (Arjuna). And, O mighty king, Arjuna said unto Draupadi, ‘O thou of beautiful coppery eyes, grieve not! O illustrious one, it shall be even as the slayer of Madhu hath said! It can never be otherwise, O beautiful one![KMG Ref – Vana Parva: Arjunabhigamana Parva: Section XII]

Points to be noted –

  • The most important statement – “I have no husbands. I have no sons. I do not have a brother or a father. Nor do I have any relatives.
    • No man whether Husbands, father, brothers, son and even Krishna had given highest priority to Draupadi. It was not the love which was the issue, it was the priority which was the issue.
    • Draupadi didn’t got the highest priority from any man. It was not because she just married five men. She spoke on behalf of all woman. No woman on that era got the highest priority from men.
  • I have already exposed Yudisthira and Karna. I have also showed how Arjuna treated his eldest brother as Guru. Here I will give few more example.
    • Bhima told the following thing to Draupadi when she was lamenting and blaming Yudisthira for her calamity while asking Bhima to kill Kichaka. Basically he agreed to do her bidding but also asked not to say such thing on face of Yuidsthira –
      • If king Yudhishthira hear from thee such rebukes, he will surely put an end to his life. If also Dhananjaya and the twins hear thee speak thus, even they will renounce life. And if these, O slender-waisted maiden, give up life. I also shall not be able to bear my own.” [Ref – Virata Parva: Kichaka-badha Parva: Section XXI]
      • Precisely if his brothers does suicide he would also follow suit.
    • Krishna told the following thing when Bhima went after Aswathamma for killing Draupadi’s son. Well I can’t give the entire context but I provide the link to check that –
      • He who is always regarded as the foremost of all human beings, that wielder of gandiva, that warrior having white steeds yoked unto his car, that hero owning the prince of apes for the device on his standard, that hero who, desirous of vanquishing in a wrestling encounter the god of gods, the blue-throated lord of Uma, gratified the great Shankara himself, that Phalguna than whom I have no dearer friend on earth, that friend to whom there is nothing that I cannot give including my very wives and children, that dear friend Partha of unstained acts, never said unto me, O brahmana, such words as these which thou hast uttered.” [Ref – Sauptika Parva: Section 12]
      • Now Arjuna would rather die than asking for wives of Krishna. But he did asked the hand of his sister Subhadra and Krishna suggested him to abduct her forcibly.
      • Krishna’s upper-hand was he was not devoted to any one. He loved Arjuna most but that doesn’t means he worshiped him. He scolded him, guided him, debated with him. Other hand Arjuna was also didn’t blindly followed him. He also questioned him which resulted in the 700 shlokas of Gita.
    • We know how Bhisma abducted Amba and the left her on simply for the sake of protecting his own vow.
    • Pandu was ready to send his wife Kunti to other men so that he could get sons.
    • So even if Draupadi was doing manipulation to get her work done – she had no other option left as she knew that no man would be ready to give the highest priority and fight for her in the patriarchal society.
  • She specifically mentioned Karna’s name – My grief that Karna laughed at me then will never be pacified.
  • Krishna promised that Bibhatsu(Arjuna) would kill her enemies with his arrows and She would be the queens of kings once again.
  • As per KMG version – Arjuna also promised that whatever Krishna said would surely happen.
  • Krishna’s promise assuaged the fear Draupadi had regarding Arjuna. She knew Krishna would ensure Arjuna to fight no matter whats the situation. That’s the only time she had complained against Arjuna or Bhima.
  • Even though we know that the it was in the eve of war that Arjuna asked Krishna to become his charioteer.
    • Draupadi was such an intelligent lady that she knew the strong bond of friendship towards each other.
    • She anticipated that if war happens Krishna would definitely become the charioteer of Arjuna.
    • In fact when Jayadratha tried to abduct Draupadi herself spoke the following words –
      • “Well-known as I am, I cannot, from fear of violence, demean myself before that prince. Even Indra himself cannot abduct her for whose protection Krishna and Arjuna would together follow, riding in the same chariot. What shall I say, therefore, of a weak human being.When Kiriti, that slayer of foes, riding on his car, will, on my account, enter thy ranks, striking terror into every heart, he will consume everything around like fire consuming a stack of dry grass in summer.” [Ref – Vana Parva: Draupadi-harana Parva: Section CCLXVI]
    • She had already divined what we saw in the war – Arjuna and Krishna riding on same chariot.
  • She asked Justice from Krishna who was her beloved friend and Arjuna who was her favorite husband and also closest friend of Krishna. She knew Krishna would do any thing for them.
  • It was only Krishna who could convince the pacifist Yudisthira to fight and simultaneously provoke Arjuna to bring out the warrior from him. Arjuna’s one of the biggest fault was he used follow Yudisthira unconditionally.

Before going to Hastinapur for peace meeting Krishna pointed out to Yudisthira how Pandavas and Draupadi had suffered in hand of Duryodhana-

  • Krishna pointed out the cruel deeds done by Kouravas –
    • “Do not, O monarch, show any compassion for that wretch of such disposition. They deserve death at the hands of all, how much more then of thee, O Bharata? O Bharata, with what improper speeches did Duryodhana with his brothers, filled with gladness and indulging in many a boast, afflict thee with thy brothers! He said, ‘The Pandavas now have nothing of their own in this wide earth. Their very names and lineage are extinct. In time, which is never-ending, defeat will be theirs. All their virtues having merged in me, they will now be reduced to the five elements.‘ While the match at dice was in progress, the wretched Dussasana of most wicked soul, seizing that weeping lady by the hair dragged princess Draupadi, as if she had no protectors, to the assembly of kings, and in the presence of Bhishma and Drona and others, repeatedly called her–cow, cow! Restrained by thee, thy brothers of terrible prowess, bound also by the bonds of virtue, did nothing to avenge it;and after thou hadst been exiled to the woods, Duryodhana having uttered such and other cruel words, boasted amid his kinsmen.’” [ref – Udyoga Parva: Bhagwat Yana Parva: Section LXXIII]
  • He reminded Yudisthira how Duryodhana mocked them in front of whole assembly.
  • He reminded him how Dussasana dragged Draupadi in assembly and insulted her.
  • He told Yudhisthira not to show any compassion for them and they deserve death and nothing else.
  • The other points he mentioned –
    • He is going to tell all people of Hastinapur the virtues of Yudisthira and the vices of Duryodhana.
    • No body would charge Yudisthira since he asked for peace and every body would censure Kurus.
    • He would make all people understand that Duryodhana was actuated by avarice.
    • He would clear the doubts of all men who are still undecided on the wickedness of Duryodhana.
    • War is certain according to him.
    • He would strive for peace without sacrificing Yudisthira’s interest and he would mark their inclination for war and all their proceedings.
    • He asked him to be ready with with all warriors with their cars, elephant, coats of mail etc.
    • Duryodhana is not going to give back any kingdom.

On 17th day just before the duel between Arjuna and Karna, Krishna made Arjuna remember those words of Karna to make him angry and resolute to kill Karna –

  • Basically Krishna tried to pull the manliness of Arjuna by pulling the events related to Abhimanyu’s death and the insult heaped of Draupadi on his presence by Karna .
    • “(Thou rememberest also) the harsh and bitter words that Karna cruelly said unto Krishna in the (Kuru) assembly, in the presence of the Pandavas and Kurus, ‘The Pandavas, O Krishna, are dead! They have sunk into eternal hell! O thou of large hips, choose other lords now, O thou of sweet speeches! Enter now the abode of Dhritarashtra as a serving woman, for, O thou of curving eye-lashes, thy husbands are no more! The Pandavas will not, O Krishna, be of any service to thee today! Thou art the wife of men that are slaves, O princess of Pancala, and thou art thyself, O beautiful lady, a slave! Today only Duryodhana is regarded as the one king on earth; all other kings of the world are worshipping the agency by which his administration is kept up. Behold now, O amiable one, how all the sons of Pandu have equally fallen! Overwhelmed by the energy of Dhritarashtra’s son, they are now silently eyeing one another. It is evident that they are all sesame seeds without kernel, and have sunk into hell. They will have to serve the Kaurava (Duryodhana), that king of kings, as his slaves.’ Even these were the foul words that that wretch, viz., the sinful Karna of exceedingly wicked heart, spoke on that occasion, in thy hearing, O Bharata! Let gold-decked shafts whetted on stone and capable of taking the life of him at whom they are sped, shot by thee, quench (the fire of) those words and all the other wrongs that that wicked-souled wight did unto thee.” [Ref – Karna Parva: Section 73]
  • This is nothing but a strategy to keep Arjuna resolute in killing Karna on that duel.

Those word of Krishna started having impact slowly on Arjuna –

  • Now Arjuna started saying that he would make Karna pay for all those events.
    • “With Dhritarashtra’s approbation, the Suta’s son Karna, boasting of his own merits, had said, ‘Thou hast no husband now, O Krishna!’ My keen shafts will falsify that speech of his. Like angry snakes of virulent poison, they will drink his life-blood. Cloth-yard shafts, of the effulgence of the lightning, shot by myself possessed of mighty arms, sped from Gandiva, will send Karna on his last journey. Today the son of Radha will repent for those cruel words that he said unto the princess of Pancala in the midst of the assembly, in disparagement of the Pandavas!” [Ref – Karna Parva: Section 74]
  • Again Arjuna made a promise to kill Karna just before the actual duel and even said that Krishna would be able to go to Draupadi and Yudisthira and comfort them!!
    • “Today, O slayer of Madhu, thou shalt, after Karna’s fall, hear those sweet words, ‘By good luck, O thou of Vrishni’s race, victory hath been thine!’ Thou shalt today comfort the mother of Abhimanyu with a lighter heart for having paid thy debt to the foe. Today thou shalt, filled with joy, comfort thy paternal aunt Kunti. Today thou shalt, O Madhava, comfort Krishna of tearful face and king Yudhishthira the just with words sweet as nectar.‘ [Ref – Karna Parva: Section 87]

When the Karna’s chariot wheel sank in mud and he asked Arjuna to stop the war Krishna gave the following reason among them to tell why Arjuna shouldn’t stop the war.

  • Krishna reminded Karna of his many deeds. But most of those words were actually related to the insult heaped on Draupadi.
    • Karna, Duryodhana, Dussasana and Shakuni brought Draupadi who was clad in single garment in mid of Assembly –
      • Thyself and Suyodhana and Duhshasana and Shakuni, the son of Subala, had caused Draupadi, clad in a single piece of raiment, to be brought into the midst of the assembly. On that occasion, O Karna, this virtue of thine did not manifest itself. “[Ref – Karna Parva: Section 91]
    • The actual case of cheating in dice was – They made Yudisthira who was unacquainted with dice game to play against Shakuni who was skilled at that. This was actually against Khstriya Dharma.
      • When at the assembly Shakuni, an adept in dice, vanquished Kunti’s son Yudhishthira who was unacquainted with it, whither had this virtue of thine gone?”[Ref – Karna Parva: Section 91]
      • I have already mentioned why it should be regarded as cheating!!!
    • Pandavas completed the exile of 13 years as per rule but still they didn’t returned their kingdom.
      • When the period of exile into the woods was over as also the thirteenth year, thou didst not make over to the Pandavas their kingdom. Whither had this virtue of thine then gone? “[Ref – Karna Parva: Section 91]
    • Karna had laughed at Drauapdi when she was scantily dressed because of her season in the assembly.
      • Thou laughedest at Krishna while she stood in the midst of the assembly, scantily dressed because in her season and obedient to Duhshasana’s will, whither, then, O Karna, had this virtue of thine gone? “[Ref – Karna Parva: Section 91]
    • Karna didn’t interfered when Draupadi was brought from apartments reserved for females.
      • When from the apartment reserved for the females innocent Krishna was dragged, thou didst not interfere. Whither, O son of Radha, had this virtue of thine gone?”[Ref – Karna Parva: Section 91]
    • Karna himself addressed Drauapdi who was in distress to leave Pandavas and chose some one else as husband and also he enjoyed the scene with delight.
      • Thyself addressing the princess Draupadi, that lady whose tread is as dignified as that of the elephant, in these words, viz., ‘The Pandavas, O Krishna, are lost. They have sunk into eternal hell. Do thou choose another husband!’ thou lookedest on the scene with delight. Whither then, O Karna, had this virtue of thine gone?”[Ref – Karna Parva: Section 91]
    • Relying on Shakuni to grab kingdom they invited Yuidsthira to play dice game –
      • Covetous of kingdom and relying on the ruler of the Gandharvas, thou summonedest the Pandavas (to a match of dice). Whither then had this virtue of thine gone? “[Ref – Karna Parva: Section 91]
    • Karna never followed Dharma or rule or moral code on those occasions so no point of invoking when he himself at distress!!!
      • If this virtue that thou now invokest was nowhere on those occasions, what is the use then of parching thy palate now, by uttering that word? Thou art now for the practice of virtue, O Suta, but thou shalt not escape with life.” [Ref – Karna Parva: Section 91]
  • That was kind of a final blow on Karna. It made Karna morally subdued and at the same time it raised the fire in Arjuna. Kind of a double impact in one shot!!!
  • Actually Karna’s words against Draupadi on dice game hurt Arjuna deeply even though he was silent that time. That was known to Krishna.
    • The following words were uttered by Krishna to Sanjaya who came as peace messenger before the war –
      • Then in that hall, while Krishna stood, the charioteer’s son addressed her in the presence of her fathers-in-law saying, ‘O Daughter of Drupada thou hast no refuge. Better betake thyself as a bond-woman to the house of Dhritarashtra’s son. Thy husbands, being defeated, no longer exist. Thou hast a loving soul, choose some one else for thy lord.‘ This speech, proceeding from Karna, was a wordy arrow, sharp, cutting all hopes, hitting the tenderest parts of the organisation, and frightful. It buried itself deep in Arjuna’s heart.”[Ref – Udyoga Parva: Section XXIX]
    • The same text in Sanskrit –
      • “yo bībhatsor hṛdaye prauḍha āsīd; asthi pracchin marmaghātī sughoraḥ
         karṇāccharo vānmayas tigmatejāḥ; pratiṣṭhito hṛdaye phalgunasya”
    • [Ref – The Mahabharata in Sanskrit]
    • Krishna used that against Karna at right time by constantly reminding Arjuna of that insult heaped on Draupadi.
  • As we know Karna died on that battle when Arjuna used Anjalika Arrow against him.
  • Krishna didn’t allowed Karna to pull his chariot wheel from mud by reminding him those deeds he committed against Draupadi!!!

After killing Karna, those two Krishna went to Yudisthira to give the news of their success –

  • Krishna wished Yudisthira and said Karna was dead and Yudisthira could rule the earth. This was the importance of this duel of Karna – Arjuna.
    • “Smiling then, Krishna, otherwise called Acyuta, joined his palms and addressed king Yudhishthira whose foes had been killed saying, “By good luck, the wielder of Gandiva, and Vrikodara, the son of Pandu, and thyself, and the two sons of Madri, are all safe, having been freed from this battle that has been so destructive of heroes and that made the very hair of the body to stand on end. Do thou those acts, O son of Pandu, which should next be done. The Suta’s son Karna, possessed of great might and otherwise called Vaikartana, hath been slain. By good luck, victory hath become thine, O king of kings. By good luck, thou growest, O son of Pandu! The Earth drinketh today the blood of that Suta’s son, that wretch among men, who had laughed at the dice-won Krishna.That foe of thine, O bull of Kuru’s race, lieth today on the bare ground, pierced all over with arrows. Behold that tiger among men, pierced and mangled with shafts. O thou of mighty arms, rule now, with care, this earth that is divested of all thy foes, and enjoy with us, all kinds of enjoyable articles!'””[Ref – Karna Parva: Section 96]
    • Even here also Krishna specifically mentioned Karna’s behavior of mocking Draupadi in assembly hall.
  • After reading all these statement made by Krishna one thing is particularly sure. He had glorified Karna’s quality in many places but at the same time he didn’t accepted the behavior of Karna towards Pandavas and Draupadi.
    • He didn’t accepted Karna’s behavior towards Draupadi in the post dice game at all.
    • He didn’t accepted Karna’s actions regarding killing Abhimanyu.
    • He didn’t accepted Karna’s participation in planning or execution of Bhima’s poisoning, House of Lac incidents etc.

Now if we go back to the last chapter of Kurushetra War where Duryodhana was lying with a broken thigh on ground.

  • The following lines were spoken by Krishna as part of his justification given to Duryodhana for breaking code of war to win –
    • “On the occasion also of the gambling, thou hadst persecuted the daughter of Yajnasena, while in her season, in the midst of the assembly! Shameless as thou art, even then thou becamest worthy of being slain! ” [Ref – Shalya Parva: Section 61]

It was Draupadi who was prosecuted by Karna and Duryodhana asked for Justice from Krishna.

Krishna delivered his promise what ever he made to his dear friend Draupadi.

  • She became queen again and later she became empress after Pandavas completed Aswamedha Yagna.
  • Her enemies were laying dead in battle field.

True friend indeed!! This is one way we can call the true love!!!

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