The Riksharajas ऋक्ष or ऋक्षराज् – Part 2

Koshas and Masters of the Universe and Pitamaha Brahma

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So back to Moon the Lokapati. Here too, let me plant another thought in your minds.

Grahas are to astrology and Lokas are to Astronomy (Read – What is (Not) a Planet? – Grahas vs Lokas). But religious cosmogony has another concept too. Another skin to put your app in or literally another Mobile phone cover.

Yup! This concept is Coverings. The Universe is mainly envisaged as made up of coverings or Kosas. These mostly remain seven in number because as I have said many times the later puranic writers were lazy and started tabulating the various phenomena and Gods et all on something they count on two hands.

Imagine Kosas to be points of view or planes of existence or even other paradigms like Atoms.

The first one, the first kosa is extremely small and is in the sheer center of the Brahamand aka like an atom. 
Second starts from the center of first one.

Third is also built from first one. And then each of them envelopes one before it.

The seventh Kosa also originates from first kosa like others and bursts forth across all other 5 kosas cutting through them and is limitless.

If you cut longitudinally along the seventh kosa, you get earth and Bhuvarloka, Svarloka, Maharloka, Janaloka, Tapaloka and Satyaloka then Patala, Rasatala, Mahatala, Talatala, Sutala, Vitala and Atala on that axis. Imagine that Axis to be Ecliptic.

Then come Suns, Chandra, Stars, Grahas, saptarishis, et all and the 28 hells also.

Now, Rahu for example is the Ascending Lunar Node, the point where Moon crosses from north of ecliptic to south of the ecliptic.

Rahu is Graha and the nearest loka is Siddhavidyadhara loka, on that longitudinal axis, if you cut, you get Asuraloka, Pitraloka and another one.

So the Axis on which Rahu lies has other lokas, not the Fourteen. These axis is not physical X,Y,Z plane in Space as ancient Rishis had no access to Space or did they. It is more like a thought plane.

Or Not. Let’s do a small exercise.

Close the Windows with heavy curtain. The Room is Dark, as if before the stars were born. Then open the curtain slightly and a section of room is lighted, a sliver of light travels from the window to the floor.

Imagine that sliver to be that axis you cut across and fourteen lokas lie on it. Now go to another window or part of room and open slightly the curtain in that room. A second sliver break through. Is it a different universe, is it just part of complete single universe. Manipulate the curtains so the slivers may merge, so temporally, (under influence of time the fifth dimension) these two slivers of light on floor (the Earth) come in contact.

Lot of astrology and other such stuff is looking out for these conjunctions and their influences or effects. So, as the sky rotates around us, several of nakshatras come into conjunction and thus, there is importance assigned to events that occur at these conjunctions. Mahabharata was an event which happened at time where 7 such conjunctions took place! (Seven again!).

You do not always really need the Large Hadron Collider to speculate on nature of universe, universes and the even effect of entropy or time on them.

A dark room with curtains would do. This is also the metaphysical aspect to it, the entire universe can be contained inside us ourselves.

The concept of Koshas is very very dense. But basically, longitudinally, on one 7th kosa axis would be all habitable worlds where creation takes place like the fourteen Lokas. 
The Earth is not the only place where creation takes place. Now this becomes a very important point in our religion. We are the only religion ready for ET to come back from home.

The Puranas focus on our this fixed axis (represented by Shiva pillar in stories) and our 14 lokas. There are more Lokas too described. We will discuss that separately.

There is a concept of Aloka also. He is Sanskari Babu ji. Contact him for any aashirwads you need!

Aloka. Not Loka. Opposite of Loka. Between the Loka and Aloka there is a mountain Lokaloka. This is the largest mountain in Universe, in Brahmand. It is smooth as glass and golden in color and filled with huge energy and it separated Living from Non living. It is the boundary of triloki. (Literally Matter and Anti-Matter)

The Sun itself gets its light and energy from this barrier.

Brahma has posted four powerful and divine sons of Ira, Diggajas Vrsabha, Puspacuda, Vamana and Aparajita on this mountain to prevent anyone from bypassing this barrier.

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider may be of concern to these four Mahadiggajas.

Well on less arcane levels, Moon is the Lokapati and leader of all Nakshatras.

The most prominent nakshatra or lunar mansion or star group is the Pleiades or Saptarishi which are the seven stars that look like a great Bear or ऋक्ष.

ऋक्षराज् is thus the name for Moon in role as Lokapati presiding over the Star groups.

Moon is the Lord of the Saptarishis by this connotation. And this is where Riksharaj term occupies a great importance.

The Lord of Saptarishis is Svyambhavu Manu as Brahma or Brahma himself. So, ऋक्षराज् is Brahma as Moon. He is Star Lord. (This would be elaborated in Part III)

(Stars are not male or female but human senses perceive everything in gender so Satarishis are men and in their female version, they are Krittikas and thus mothers to Skanda.)

Speculation: So Riksharajas would be at some point description of alternate Loka to Swarga and representing another set of Lokas and there are several such sets available. I will discuss them in Lokas and Grahas Part 3 as I promised.

Some modern scholars even hinted at them as Alien Lords and Human like dispensers of Earth’s destiny. The serial Ravana which came about ten years back actually broached that concept but soon lack of advertisers made them switch to Tulasi version of Ramayana.

Remember our little experiment.

When the sliver of light enters the room and you look at the beam of sunlight, you can perceive little particles of dust floating in the beam.

Rksa also means the smallest mote in a sunbeam, literally the building block atom of pre microscope society. The smallest particle. The Atom!

And Inside each riksha, as per yoga Vashishtha or Adhyatmic Ramayana, there are universes galore. In Yoga Vashishtha, Rama and Vashishtha travel to these Riksha Universes.

Literally, Roma Roma main base hain Rama!

RiskhaRajas means Lords of Atoms or Atomic Universes. Or Lords of Universes even!

Suddenly religious literature resembles science fiction very fast! By The Castle of Grayskull!

Speculation aside, let us look at Rikhsrajas in the Epics as they were presented in part IV.


by Pranshu B. Saxena

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