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Drona did use Agneyaastra and Satyaki Varunastra that day. Drona and Aswathhama used their celestial weapons indiscriminately but Arjuna only used Varunaastra to protect Bhima.
Arjuna could have used the divine weapons and ended the war abruptly, instantly. But what would have that achieved.

Dharma would have won the day. All forces of enemy would be destroyed.

But Arjuna did not. Arjuna was Nara avatara. Arjuna was aware that this was no ordinary Dharma yudhha. This will be the dharma yuddha to define the fight for dharma for all time.
Would such a use of weapons fair to the ordinary soldiers? Would use of Divine weapons set a precedent that only divine intervention saves the day every time?

तॄणानि नोन्मूलयति प्रभन्जनो मॄदूनि नीचै: प्रणतानि सर्वत: |
स्वभाव एवोन्नतचेतसामयं महान्महत्स्वेव करोति विक्रमम् ||
A big storm which uproots the strongest and the biggest trees, doesn’t harm the small grass grown on the ground!

Likewise the strong people who have good qualities will not trouble the poor who have less might as compared to themselves. Thus, Arjuna fought the War on his Purushartha and did not rely on the divine weapons. He gave the enemy a chance.

Would such a quick end to War able to demonstrate the concept, that a united action and united front protecting each other works very well for a smaller force against a much larger force.
Could the teaching moments of War be amplified and be available as Upamana and Prtayksha paramana for the future generations?

There is a misguided fan following which abuses and criticizes every decision of Arjuna. Maybe they are jealous of his skills, his closeness to Krishna, his achievements or just hate the good things in life.
One of the queries raised by this blorndy group was that the Arjuna did not use weapons because he himself would have died as world would have ended.

Ohh really!!

That is the facetious argument of the uneducated, the illiterate and the benighted.

Use of Divine Weapons and Dangers of Fallout

The complete description of all the divine weapons in the Mahabharata and other Puranas is that the Divine weapons are dangerous but do not carry with them the threat to wipe out the world.

If the trinity gave the weapons to every tom Daksha and Hari then these weapons had failsafe. Otherwise we had group of very clumsy and irresponsible Gods and they would be removed instantly from office and we would be singing

Bhaja Dasram Bhaj Nasatyam!

But we do not. Mother Adi Shakti did not raise stupid Gods. No the divine weapons were secured and not doled out to sociopaths who could destroy the earth if they felt a little cry coming on because their mother put them in a basket as a baby or their adoptive father forced them to study with the best Brahmins money could buy.

Arjuna decided not too use divine weapons to destroy the Kauravas for variety of reasons.

But there exists a group of benighted blorndies who come up with stupidest of arguments to try and raise a new God, son of a sun who not only became a snack for an older brother of Bhima but once spend a night and better part of the morning smelling the arm pit of the self same Vanara great.

And as for Arjuna, He did use those weapons. Many of those weapons, many many times.
He used them many many times. He used them to destroy the Asuras and rakshasas that bedeviled both Devas and Men alike.

Arjuna used the divine weapons on super-powered foes. He treated each foe as equal and fought them on the same footing.

He was a Deva as well as Nara. He fought the Asuras using his Devartha and he fought the Kaurava army using His Purushartha.

Just because the useless show called Star Plus (Factually Incorrect) Mahabharata did not show any of his feats does not mean they did not exist. Before we take this discussion any further, let us once again familiarize ourselves with some of his feats which do not include feats like destroying five cursed crocodiles and later spiriting away Sister of Vasuki defeating the Nagas.

  • Arjuna destroyed Asura groups Vritras and Ahis.
  • Arjuna destroyed the Asuras of Sindhusthan. This the period where he romanced and won the hand of sister of Vasuki, defeating the combined Asura and Naga forces at Bhogvati.
  • Arjuna destroys Halahala Asuras who had survived Devasura Sangrama.
  • Arjuna defeated Kimpurushas and Hatakas when he retrieved water from the Northern Ocean. First person to do so.
  • Demons and Demon groups defeated in Vanavasa period by Arjuna using these “world ending” divine weapons:
  • Rasatala is ruled by Panis (Nivatakavacha, Kaleyas, Hiranyuapuravasis). Arjuna defeats them all.
  • Mahatala is ruled by four types of Krodhavasa. Bhima and Arjuna defeat them all.
  • God Vaisvanara’s descendents Pauloma and Kalikeyas became Danavas and as descendants of previous Devas, they were avadhya by Devas after the end of Devasura Sangramas. With coming of Kali, they would cause a lot of damage on Earth so Arjuna killed them all.
  • Another group which Arjuna destroyed for Gods were the evil Vidyadharas Vaidyutas ruling Manivati.
  • Arjuna defeated also Vidyadharas near Dasarna. He ends up destroying three such groups Saiveyas, Saumanas and Vishrwas who belonged to Paulastya Rakshasa group.
  • Arjuna destroys Hrada asuras at Manivrata city also.
  • Arjuna conquers Hiranyapura city from Asuras on the coast and another Hiranyapura at Patala near where Lord Bhootnath did tapasya.

    Here Arjuna battled the three large groups of Asuras.
    1. First ones were Kalakhanjas. These were born from the foot of Lord Vishnu themselves. They were set up to help the spread of dharma but became conceited and arrogant in their power. Their relationship with Vishnu assured them that Devas did not try and curtail their power and thus, given no restraints on their behavior, they turned to evil. Arjuna battled the entire group, each as powerful as Jaya Vijaya or even Nara Narayana themselves and Arjuna battled them all and destroyed them.

    2. Second and third groups were born from two legs of Brahma. They were Nairrta (नैरृत) and Yatudhanas. Like Kalakhanjas, left unchecked by Brahma and misusing their relationship with him, they too turned to evil and were finally destroyed by Arjuna.
  • Arjuna destroyed Bhagas.

Thus Arjuna used the divine weapons to destroy twenty four higher powered raskshasa, vidyadhara and asura groups. He used that in twenty something battles and Wars. He used them in plenty and he was the expert in using them. He destroyed 24 groups, some of them in hundreds of thousands and none of them smaller than 14000. There are other descriptions of others as well like the paishacha groups and their mayajalas and use of Anjalika vidya.

Of course, everyone forgets that a small number of Gandharvas had routed the Kaurava armies and sent Karna running so hard that he took almost twenty four hours to find courage to return back to see what happened to his dearest and upkari friend Duryodhana.
Such swamibhakti!
dekhi sari duniya, dekhe duniya wale
lakho aur karodo log thode se dilwale
aisey duniya wale, very bad very bad
chamakte hyue kundala dil kale kale
(Seen entire world seen the people
Crores of men, only few with courage
These people very bad very bad
Shining earrings but hearts are black!)

Arjuna defeated those Gandharvas too, by the way.

Practice makes perfect, if he so chose, Arjuna could have destroyed the Kaurava forces in a blinking of an eye and not even need to run up a sweat.

Why even kill the Kauravas?

In Udyoga Parva, Parasurama came and advised Duryodhana to do peace or he will die. Parasurama began with the story of Dambhodhava and his defeat at hands of Nara Narayana.

There too, Parasurama goes on to reveal that Arjuna, Nara himself, is in possession of weapons and types of weapons, no one on this earth has access to or counter of.

  • Kakudika (Prasvapana) : This weapon causes the enemy warriors to go to sleep on the prshthabhaga of the horses or elephants (aka on the kukuda of animals). This astra also enables Kama to dominate the warriors whose good name will then be forever associated with bestiality. They would never be able to look at their animals in eye after this.
  • Shuka (Mohana) : Using this weapon, the enemy warriors are gripped by such terror that they cling to the legs of the animals and cry and shout in sheer terror. Krodha dominates the effect of this weapon.
  • Nakra (Unmadana): Using this weapon, the enemy warriors think they see Swarga loka (Nakra). They are dominated by Lobha or greed and give in to their greed by trying to perceive the facets of Swarga are available to them in battlefield and can totally lose themselves in the imaginary world.
  • Akshisantarjana (Trasana) This causes the enemy warriors to lose control of bowels and they wet and soil themselves. The flatulence and constipation dominates their bodily processes and they cannot fight at all. Moha thus dominates this astra.
  • Santana (Daivata) This is a weapon of the gods. Using this weapon, the enemy warrior can counter with any weapon and suddenly that weapon turns on them hundred fold, it produces Santana of the weapons and thus, destroy the army without needing to fire an extra arrow.
  • Nartaka (Paishacha) This is a weapon used by Paishachas. The use of this weapon causes enemy warriors to be filled with so much pain that they dance around the battlefield like crazy zombies. Hence it is called nartaka weapon and is dominated by Maan. The warriors are suddenly filled with pride in their dancing and try to outdance each other. This weapon is dance Bharata dance!!
  • Ghora (Rakshasas): As explained by Parasurama, Rakshasas made this weapon. This weapon causes a surge of Matsarya in enemy warriors. An enormous wave of dissatisfaction and envy dominates their psyche and they commit suicide.
  • Asyamodaka (Yamya). Yama made this weapon. This weapon uses the ahankara of the opponent. The opponent is so filled with ahankara that they literally start eating rocks and stones and die from that.

(Source: BharataBhavaDipateeka on Udyoga Parva Bhagawadayana Chapter 96).

Arjuna could have used any of these weapons and generations would have literally laughed their heads off at the fate of the Great maha ati maha bhranta hui mati rathis of Kaurava army.

One can imagine the respect for Ashwathhama or Kripa or Karna shitting themselves to death, killing themselves eating stones especially in days before the dental care had invented the Gold teeth. That had to wait till after birth of Buddha in a land called Italy where people called Etruscans used the first gold teeth. Gold tooth are as Indian as Sonia Gandhi!!

One can really imagine Aswathhama and Karna doing a dance off to death ala Zoolander. The stories would be of AtiMahaFart Rathis of the Kaurava army.

Akbar was great because he had great rivals like Chandrasena, Pratap, Pratapditya, Barobhuiyans and Isa Khan et all. Skanda Gupta battled the unconquerable Hunas. Chanakya took on the might of the Yavanas and founded a new dynasty.

To have opponents shitting themselves to death, fart fragrant enemies may not have reflected well on the great powers and skills of the Pandava warriors. So Arjuna did not use those divine weapons.

Shree Hari…
Deepak Kumar Jha (A Learner)

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