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On 14th day, Arjuna gave a challenge to the Kaurava forces. He put his life on line and he laid down a task for his teammates to support him.

उत्साहो बलवानार्य नास्त्युत्साहात्परं बलम् |
सोत्साहस्य च लोकेषु न किंचिदपि दुर्लभम् ||
A person with enthusiasm is a powerful person. There is nothing as powerful as enthusiasm. nothing is impossible to an enthusiastic person. “If there is a will, there is a way.” Nothing is impossible; one must push it till the end.

With such a pronouncement, Arjuna raised the morale of the Pandava army which would have sunk in despair after the death of Abhimanyu.

With a single declaration, Arjuna threw a gauntlet at the Kuarava army, he put them on defensive and forced them to modify their battle plans.

From using their numerical preponderance in offensive operations, kauravs were put on the back foot. Their armies were tied down to a stationary target Jayadratha.

The War in Epic Age was reliant on the Tank of the Age. The Chariot. The Chariot had two to four horses. That Tank of Epic age had three very powerful components that determine the fate of the battle.

First component is the Archer or Archers on the Chariot who can use missiles and Bow to shower arrows and spread the battle field and break enemy ranks. Second component is the mobility of that archer on the chariot harnessed to horses, that mobility allows the Rathi to escape enemy attacks by moving fast enough to not present a stationary target.

Thus, Rathi has a great advantage where he can hurt his chosen targets but the skill of his charioteer and the speed of his horses allows him to not spare extra attention to his own defense. The skill of charioteer and well trained horses can enable him to completely concentrate on killing his opponents.

AND Third, most important component is the Choice. The Mobility of the chariot is the freedom given to Rathi to choose his targets, choose his path and thus create the momentum for his charge.

By declaring Jayadratha a dead man walking and offering his own life as a counter point, Arjuna took a very calculated gamble.

When Yaksha asked Yudhishthara “Choose one of your brothers and he will live.”

Yudhishthara said “Nakula.”

Yudhishthara did not gamble. He had gambled and he was paying the price. He did not gamble with that choice. Dharmaraj was confident that he will win the Dharma Yudhha with whatever resources he has and he always had Krishna on his side.

ARJUNA was not necessary to Pandava victory. Sons of Dhrti were available if sons of Siddhi would fall.

But Kauravas did not know that. The adharma believes its own propaganda. Kauravas had been routed single handed by Arjuna at Virata Yuddha and the terror of Arjuna had seeped into their hearts and gnawed away at their courage and unmanned them even before they entered the fray. Arjuna was the big danger to them. Seemingly, only danger to them.

Yudhishthara was a fair man. He was after all Dharmaraj. He send the message with Sanjaya to Dhritrashtra. He described the warrior skills and the achievements in the field of battle for all his brothers, Bhima, Nakula and Sahadeva especially.

But Kauravas had not been left naked on the field of battle by Bhima, Nakula or Sahadeva. That was Arjuna’s doing.

अप्रकटीकॄतशक्ति: शक्तोपि जनस्तिरस्क्रियां लभते निवसन्नन्तर्दारुणि लङ्घ्यो विनर्न तु ज्वलित:

Strength of a powerful person is ignored if he does not show it to others or if others are unaware. So Kauravas fell in the Pandava trap of protecting Jayadratha so they can get Arjuna at end of the day.
In one shot, the three components of the Tank of Epic Age were compromised for Kauravas.

The numerical preponderance of Rathis in Kaurava forces would have been irresistible in field charging at Pandava ranks. Those rathis were now held in STATIC positions around three Vyuhas. Their offensive ability was compromised. Drona was trapped at head of his vyuhas, unavailable to intervene when Arjuna and then Satyaki bypassed him. Bhima just threw him away.

The Kaurava Rathi shield of mobility was no more. They were stuck to positions in defensive arrangement and thus, open to attack.

Even worse, the third component, the ability to move and choose their target and their path was not available anymore to the Kaurava Rathis.

They were stuck in fixed emplacements and they died in their lakhs in that. Seven Akshauhinis would not see the end of the day. That was the trick Pandavas played on the Kauravas.

The Kauravas concentrated so much on Arjuna, they forgot Bhima and Satyaki. That is the common problem of many. The HERO EFFECT.

When Duryodhana asked, the Kauravas each said I. Each was a Hero, each was a leader. There were no followers. There were no supporters. Each stood alone in their splendid isolation.

That is where the Kauravas missed the (dharma) trees for all the wood. The nature for a person with evil in their hearts is that they see only the bad qualities in others so they can never trust their allies completely.

No man is an island. And united the warriors became more than sum of those united. But, the deceitful heart always sees the bad qualities in others.

खल: सर्षपमात्राणि पराच्छिद्राणि पश्यति |

A wicked person will notice the bad qualities as tiny as a mustard seed in other person.
That is the advantage of the people on the side of good, of Dharma.

Arjuna, the branch of Dharma talked about the need for unity. That unity, means that the tree with its branches unfurled does not stand alone but in a forest of tress supporting each other. The canopy protecting those who shelter below them. Dharma spreads by alliance. And so does success.

अल्पानामपि वस्तूनां संहति: कार्यसाधिका |

तॄणैर्गुणत्वमापन्नैर्बध्यन्ते मत्तसन्तिन: ||
The greatest of the tasks can be done by arranging/organizing the small small things. The Devi is in the details. Even a rope can bind the elephant, the rope which is composed of the strength of its innumerous small threads that are bound together, they are more than the sum of the all the strengths of individual threads..

ऐक्यं बलं समाजस्य तदभावे स दुर्बल: तस्मात ऐक्यं प्रशंसन्ति दॄढं राष्ट्र हितैषिण:

Unity is the strength of any team and the team is weak without unity.
So Arjuna did not need to use the divine weapons on the 14th day. He was armed with something even more powerful.

A team that backed him, supported him unconditionally.

Arjuna did not go in to the Chakravyuha of Drona alone like a hero of a Hollywood or Bollywood movie.
He had help, he asked for help.

ASK FOR HELP for no man is an island. To achieve great deeds, you work together. or die and fail alone.

The 14th day push was always a team effort. Four of the warriors Arjuna named in his initial refusal to use the divine weapons were on hand.

and Uttmaujas were the loyal wheel guards who attached themselves to Arjuna for 18 days and never let go. They did their bit without showmanship, without fan following. They did not need to take bows and curtain calls, they did their duty and were happy with it.

The fans follow the Virata (Arjuna) or Dhawan (Bhima) but Yudhamanyu and Uttmaujas, they are Raina and Rahane. They do their bit and do not ask for glory. And they deliver.

Arjuna had two more powerful allies that day, the other hidden superpowers of the Dharma. Satyaki and

Satyaki and Bhima,
who were released at perfectly timed intervals by Yudhishthara to create maximum damage like a Captain sending in the pinch hitters in perfect synchrony with the power-play overs.

14th day was no Test match, it was a brutal One day match on the turning pitch and the world record target to achieve. The final victory strike was like a helicopter shot for six sending the head of Jayadratha out of the stadium and into the lap of his own father.

Majority of the warriors named by Arjuna in Udyoga Parva as the Warriors of the Dharma, his team, the Us, the WE, majority of these warriors were available at all time and were able to protect their forces throughout the War.

There was a continuity of leadership, tactics and that alone would have raised the morale of ordinary troops who fought for them despite Ashwathhama’s horrific use of celestial weapons.

Kaurava forces were ridden with internal conflicts and ego clashes occurring on regular basis. Duryodhana’s leadership style was abusing his main generals who did not get along among themselves while Dharmaraj had a four member general staff reporting to Dhrishtadamyun through the war.

Four of Pandavas Akshauhinipatis survived the war while even though when Karna had six akshauhinipatis alive under him, they could not coordinate.

The entire war was punctuated by one of these 22 main Pandava warriors coming to each other’s aid throughout the 18 days, not only warriors, protecting even the charioteers of the main warriors. It was Yudhamanyu and uttmaujas who rescued Visoka and Daruka on 14th day.

The casualties among the Pandava elite all occurred as they would in any war. Casualties will happen.

Abhimanyu fell to a trap, Ghatotkacha to stratagem, Anjanparva, Virata and Drupada to indiscriminate celestial weapons, only Satyajit fell in defensive positions around Yudhishthara. There was this emphasis on teamwork and joint defense whereas Kaurava warriors fought singly and died gloriously while Pandava warriors survived to fight another day and were happy to give that glory to those Kaurava warriors.

As General Patton said “ Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. It is the spirit of men who follow and of the man who leads that gains the victory.”

He also said” No b*d ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb b*d die for his country.”

Discussion continues.

Thank You Pranshu Sir………

Shree Hari..

Deepak Kumar Jha (A Learner)

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