Tree of Dharma Sahodara Case

Part 1: Tree of Dharma Part 1

The Sahodara Case

The Tree of Dharma is based on the Trunk called Bhima. Its branches are Arjuna. The flowers and their sweet smell are the twins. The roots are the Brahma and Krishna.

The trunk is Bhima.

It is already declared that
धॄति: क्षमा दमोऽस्तेयं शौचमिन्द्रियनिग्रह: |
धीर्विद्या सत्यमक्रोधो दशकं धर्मलक्षणम् ||

  • Courage, forbearance, ability to overpower, understanding one’s flaws or introspection, clearness of purpose, control of senses, understanding, learning, sincere, manly (these) ten qualities constitute the characteristics of ‘Dharma’.
  • They can also mean Fortitude, forgiveness, self-control, punish the guilty, purity of mind, faculty of sense, reflection, knowledge, truthful, free from anger.
  • They also mean Satisfaction, Competence, subdue, self-restraint, integrity, virile power, intelligence, scholarship, virtuous and honest, suppressed anger.
  • They stand for Endurance, Self-command, domesticate, heal, honesty, attraction, meditation, science even control of ID, effectual, potent.
  • They represent Resolute, Capable, tranquilize or tame enemies, identify boundaries, cleanliness, premonition, imagination, philosophy, knowledge and control over dogma, tranquil.

One is Bhima, one is Yudhishthara, one is Arjuna, one is Nakula and one is Sahadeva. They are never one alone and combined they are more than just five, they are the 10 qualities of Dharma manifest manifold in entirety.

The Buddhist jatakas extoll these as Andhakaveudasa legends talking of Ten Pandavas, with the Dharma Qualities standing as entities themselves, each brother in them forces of nature themselves.

As, such all five interpretations of qualities are equal. And that answers the next question.

Why Nakula?

When the yaksha thundered: “Ask for one brother to live from your four.

Yudhishthara unhesitatingly replied : “I chose Nakula!”. They are all equal in my mind.

But, look at the manvadi interpretation, Yudhisthara chose the Flowers of the Tree of Dharma.

The flowers carry in them the seeds of the new genesis, the next generation, the promise of new life, the ability to create new Trees of Dharma.

Yudhishthara did not necessarily need Bhima or Arjuna, he would wait patiently and construct a new fellowship if needed and he will reach his goal. He is the Tree of Dharma, and he is also the bagabaan, the gardener, Dharma himself.

He will cultivate a new tree of Dharma and start over, he will not let this garden whither under the winds of injustice and oppression. They are a team and if the team loses its members, the team finds replacements.

There is always a Ghatotkacha, a Abhimanyu, a Prativindhya, a Sootasoma, an Iravan, a Dhrishtadamyuna, a Shikhandi, a Satyajita, a Satyaki to take the place. The struggle for the goal will not end. No man is an island. Great endeavors always need a great team. Great teams have risk amelioration and backups. Patiently working, nothing should be left to chance.

रत्नै: महाहै: तुतुषु: न देवा: न भेजिरे भीमविषेण भीतिम् अमॄतं विना न प्रययु: विरामम् न निचदार्थात् विरमंति धीरा:

  • Devas did not get satisfied with precious jewels or apsaras nor they fell prey to the terror of the deadly poison. They did not rest until they did get their aim, their goal, the amrita.

The people with patience (dhairya) do not rest nor do they lose heart until they get the determined target they had aimed for.

Even koorma bhagwana (Lord Koorma) got a permanent mark on his back of the struggles they did.

If life gives him lemons, he made lemonade. If life takes away Arjuna or Bhima, Dharma calls up Nakula.
There are backups everywhere. If the sons of Siddhi (goddess of perfection, success born as Kunti) are not available, son of Dhriti (goddess of understanding, courage and resolution, born as Madri) will suffice.

Doesn’t the Purana states, If the Devi Dhrti ceased to exist the whole world would become timid and cowardly. So, one son of Devi Dhrti, atleast one son of Madri, the second wife of Pandu needed to be alive.

That alone would suffice for the Dharma.

So, he asked for Nakula.

Thank You PBS Sir..

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