Varna System?

Varna system and its downfall with Srinath S Rao

Our ancients were strict on “Varna” system – it was based on Interests, Passion, Service to the Society, and set of strict rules and rituals. 

Even in Mahabharata (and also in Gita too), we may see some/several shloka’s emphasizing on “Varna” and “Saankarya” (Varna Saankarya)!

As per them, “Varna” system is the best system to be followed to achieve “Social, Economic and Spiritual” benefits!

Social :- Each Varna had a specific role in having its own contribution towards constructing “Great and Healthy Society”. 

  1. To understand it deeply:- A person should declare his “Varna” (pure interests) at the age of 14 to 15 in front of Society. There is no force, pressure or prejudice to select any Varna!
    a. By the age of 15, a person will have basic education (again depends on a person’s interest) and even will be mental maturity to decide which Varna to follow, as per his/her deep interests and passion
  2. By birth, a person’s Varna was not decided. (Now, that is what is assumed, but that concept is jaati, We may call it as “Jaati“, as we are following it now:- which is totally wrong from what our ancients followed.

Jaati” system comes with inbuilt features that will make a person prejudice, selfish, egoistic and much more drawbacks are there. Srinath will discuss on that in detail later.

The concept of selecting one’s varna is also highlighted in many forms of other fictional media as well. Amish Tripathy in his Siva Trilogy also describes the society that does not have janam pradhana varna selection but Karma and education pradhan varna selection.

As an aside this is also the concept used in current modern Hollywood series Divergent. You will like it. The movie even converts the entire social structure we are used to on head. The Divergent also tells the same story adding the fifth group of those aka divergent who are qualified to work in multiple varnas.

The Dharma group is the focus of extermination by Kshatriya caste and the Dharma is defended by a young girl who leaves her own understanding of non violence and fights the injustice in name of those who misuse the dharma are not entitled its protection.

Once a Varna is selected with a clear understanding, discussing with well wishers, next of kin and guru, a Varna, it is almost impossible (exceptions in few cases) to change it. 

Many of us would disagree with premise here, the Varna was changeable, the process and acceptance of that change by rest of society was not mandatory. But happened often enough, example is the Kanyakubja ruling family Amavasus which included Visvamitra.

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Story of Gadhi & MayaDevi


In fact, all “Varnas” are good. If someone follows their choice with basic civil principles, righteousness and whole heartedness.

Motto behind this is “Social Welfare” with the help of “All the Varna People“!!!


Economical: – Each and every Varna, had its own principles, ethics, motto and boundaries. 

Economical Advantage of having “Varnas“:-

Brahmin:- These are people who are interested to “Learn“, Acquire knowledge, Understand importance of many KEY things, teach people of other Varnas, To Pray/ Worship. 

Later when Jaati started overshadowing varna, this caste left advisory role and took on monitory role on other Varna’s, (especially Kshatriya’s – specifically Kings thus seizing political power, one of the reasons of downfall of Varna system). 

The Brahmana should help the King and Ministers but started interfering in to maintain & managing accounts of Kingdom. 

Even in Mahabharata, to kill Pandavas, using help of Kunika (Bhardwaja Brahmna), Duryodhana takes over the responsibility for managing accounts of treasury despite being functionally illiterate.

The Varna system expected Brahmans that they should NOT “earn money” OR they should NOT expect “Salary” OR they should always be “Moneyless“. Money should never be important for these people at any instant.

Again, Brahmans or anyone who was salaried was considered Antayaja which means salaried or in employment. Drona proudly tells his sons in Bheeshma Parva that he is Antyaja not Brahmana, which is a blessing as well as imposes some limitations and he will be true to his salt. 


Kshatriya:- These are people who were interested in “Providing Security” to a village, Panchayat, Taluk or District or entire Kingdom. They had a good hierarchy in achieving this. They can be “Yuyutsu” (Arresting Police), Arakshaka (protector police) or can be “Warriors“, “Body guard’s to King’s/ Ministers or Kings themselves!

As their job is “Highly Dangerous” and anytime they should be ready to face dangerous situations where they may lose their lives:- they were highly paid!!!


Vaisya:- These are people who should work for the Society in various forms, starting from Business and Trade! All/ Any businesses were to be taken care by these people.

If they work for King/ Army, then they should be paid, Else they had their own business!!! 

(At some stages:- All the cattle/land belonged to King/Kingdom:- 60% yield from Agriculture and Cattle are to be given to King/Treasurer. Remaining 40% should be taken by the owners. If they are under loss, then again King/concerned department will provide him with lands/cattle such that the show runs!!!).


Shudra :- these are people, who are the artisans, the farmer, the cattle rearer’s, and all the people who work with their hand for living. This hard labor and service also requires a fit body, obedience and swift actions. As they work for other Varnas they should be paid for their works! 

All/Any expenses of a Brahmin (Family) are to be taken care by Kshatriyas and Vysyas as he won’t have money. 

Only Family comes under this, other Brahmin’s will be either Sanysasis or Brahmacharis and no costs will be incurred. 

In fact, Brahmins should rely only on “Bhiksha’s” (It is not begging, it looks similar to begging but lot of conditions, principles are there for this too!!!) 

There were restrictions on the population groups also. The ratio is also described in City and Villages as well. 

The ratio also runs in a Fibonacci sequence. 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21…. 

Any kingdom would have by population, maximum of 2% Brahmins!!

Apart from this, all the Varnas are getting paid or making profits. 

Brahmin’s were made eligible for “Danas” (Donations/ Offerings). None of the other Varna should take it! Even, Brahmins should not ask for “Danas” (if given, they can take it:- Else they should NOT expect it.

If a brahmin demands “Dana” then it is to be immediately reported to King such that “Punishments” are to be decided by other Brahmin’s/ Pandits/Judges and Ministers and the culprit were severely punished.


Spiritual :- Any Varna people may conduct rituals/worship with the help of “Brahmins“. One more Social Science is behind these Rituals – Distribution of Money to all the Varna’s. Thus it was done/conducted by Rich people or by Kings and Ministers.

By following these tenets properly, all the Varna’s are working towards “Safe, Secured, Strong, Active, Wealthy and Healthy” society!!!

And We lost all these systems and benefits in the name of “jaati” !!!

By losing this system, weaker Varna System (which was not followed properly):- we lost that “Unity in Diversity“!!! 
Thus, the rest is “Worst History” where we were invaded by lot of foreign people. This again made us to lose our “Education, System, True History, Prosperity.. Mainly Contentment and Blissfulness“.

By losing Varna System, We lost everything!!!

We had all our sciences, Vidyas, engineering methods, medical sciences, Ashwa Shastra’s, Shakuna’s, Shilpa, Kala, Nruthya, Gaana/ Geetha’s, Sheeksha (pronunciation with proper pauses), vedas, vedanga’s, upanishad’s, samhita’s, Aranyaka’s, Brahmana (A particular interpretation ways for Hymns!), Numerology, Mathematics, Astronomy and Astrology (Lot and lot more to say. But these are basics which anybody can understand the meanings of these words, hence quoting them!!!). 

Along with this, we even lost “Dhanurveda“!!! which is the answer to your question – Almost all the “Astras” were taught in a highly discipline manner using “Dhanurveda“!!! We have lost them completely!!!

We had at-least 1147 such Upanishads, Samhita’s, Aranyaka’s and Brahmana’s for Veda’s. That is out of 1147 we now have hardly around 28 to 30 Upanishad’s (but not 30 Aranyaka’s/Samhita’s/ Brahmana’s)!

Can we imagine the loss as per above numbers, due to loss of Varna System??

We lost our own ways, own ways of cultivation, transportation, even our own ways of dressing, eating, speaking!!! 

That is exactly what James Jaynes talked about the Bicameral Mind and the herd instinct of the humans.

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The Bicameral Mind


By foregoing the Varna sytem based on the Karma Pradhana samaaj, the jaativada has annexed the political and theological control. And they have reverted the human condition back to the Bicameral mind where we accept all difficult decisions in life as orders by the Entitled Creamy layer ruling over us.

We lost the ability to use the bicameral mind and have again regressed to the situation where we are just copying by rote and living in “Hypnotic” conditions!!! 

And even more so, this Brahamanical dominated Jaativada samaaj from medieval ages have put the premium on MALES selecting Females for marriage.

The system of Arranged Marriage!

The system which is against Natural order of things, It is against evolution itself.

Arranged marriage system destroys the competition among the males. 

Why do men even exist?

 Using jaativada, the males from one section of society allow their genetic diseases and weaknesses to thrive and continue in a population group.

The same genetic weaknesses then manifest a social weaknesses and that always leads to detriment and degradation of the society.

Once the Jaativada and elimination of any choice on behalf of female takes root. The society is doomed.

When that happened in Medieval India? Within 10 generations, Mahmud of Ghazni came and no one would stop him,
Within another 8 generations, the society crashed and burned and could not revive for hundreds of years. The partial false dawns of renaissance came and went but with increasing stultification of a enslaved both politically and in values society, the western thought of democracy was what lead us free.

Where the female is oppressed and has no choice, in a society that practices Arranged marriage with premium on the Male rather than female, where female has no choice to accept family and society pressures, that society rapidly would begin to be sick and eventually die out.

That removal of choice of female in Jaativada is still not corrected.

The society is still on the doom path.

And that is why, The Perpendicular Pronoun keeps insisting on three things on reading any information:

  1. Validate
  2. Examine details,
  3. Motive: Who stands to gain, Who stands to lose and who benefits eventually.

Use the right hemisphere of your brain!

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