Yudhisthira – Victory, Achievement & Defeat

Yudhisthira was the eldest son of Kunti (Sister of Vasudeva) and King Pandu, he was foremost Ratha as well as Maharatha. He was the linage of Kuru and Bharata the Great King. He was the amshavtara of Dharma and possessed many qualities (ie. firmness, intelligence, virtue, might and many more).

पुण्यश्लोको नलो राजा पुण्यश्लोको युधिष्ठिरः ।
पुण्यश्लोको विदेहश्च पुण्यश्लोको जनार्दनः ॥
King Nila, Yudhisthira, Videhi Janaka and Janardana aka Krishna are Virtuous forms.

He was characterized by goodness of conduct. He was learned in dharma and followed the truth. He possessed all the qualities and deserved to be the king of the three worlds. He was Ajatashatru, with dharma in his soul. He had the complexion of pure gold. He was best among all the Kurus in dharma, learning and conduct. He was handsome and has long arms. He was the complete purusha and the Tree of Dharma. He was the Dharma son, he was fair, kind, modest and truthful. Yudhishthira had all the auspicious marks and fit to rule the three worlds.

संपूर्णकुंभो न करोती शब्दं अर्धोघटो घोषमुपैति नूनम् |
विद्वान् कुलीनो न करोति गर्व गुणैर्विहीना बहु जल्पयंति ||
A fully filled water container will not create much noise as compared to the half filled one. Similarly ‘Vidvaan’ (Intelligent) people always remain calm and will not have any mis-placed pride as opposed to the people who know very less but in their false pride would always keep talking.

His Greatness can’t be describes in words. His devotion for Dharma was pure and finally he went to the Heaven with mortal body and the Dog. I don’t need to describes more and more about Yudhisthira, we all know about his greatness and achievements in the battlefield. I’m just trying to make an INDEX of Victory, Achievement and Defeat in Great War (Mahabharata aka Bharata).


Duryodhana Index


Sources: Gita Press Mahabharata and KMG Mahabharata.


Victory on king Srutayush – Bhishma Parva (Chapter – 84)



Dual with Duryodhana and Duryodhana lost his senses – Drona Parva (153)



Battle with Drona and Defeated to Drona – Drona Parva (156)



Dual with Drona and swooned to Drona – Drona Parva (162)



Victory on Duryodhana – Karna Parva (38/28)





Victory over Karna – Karna Parva (49) (Shloka – 21)



Defeated to Shalya – Shalya Parva (16)



Shalya’s Death by Yudhisthira – Shalya Parva (17) (Shloka – 51)



Shalya’s Brother slain by Yudhisthira – Shalya Parva Chapter – 17 (64-65)



Victory over Kritaverma – Shalya Parva Chapter – 17 (86-87)



Achievements in Battlefield

First day duel with Shalya – Bhishma Parva (45)



Battle with Shalya – Bhishma Parva (71)



Combat with Bhagdutta – Bhishma Parva (95)



Battle with Shakuni – Bhishma Parva {105 (11-23)}



Duel with Shalya – Bhishma Parva {105 (30-33)}



Duel with Drona – Bhishma Parva (110)



Fight with Shalya – Bhishma Parva (116)


Fight with Shalya – Drona Parva (25)

KMG Missing the chapter

Battle with Bhagdutta – Drona Parva (26)



Battle with Shalya – Drona Parva (96)



Battle with Kritavarma – Drona Parva (97)



Duel with Duryodhana – Drona Parva (124)



Combat with Shalya – Shalya Parva (13 – 15)






Defeated by Bhishma – Bhishma Parva (86)





Surrounded from all sides by Bhishma and others – Bhishma Parva (102)



Battle with Drona and Defeated by Drona – Drona Parva (106)



Fight with Kritavarma and Defeated by Kritaverma – Drona Para (165)



Defeated by Karna – Karna Parva {49 (49)}



Defeated by Ashwatthama – Karna Parva (55)



Defeated by Karna – Karna Parva (62)


Final words for Yudhisthira from Dharma himself…

Thou art well born, O king of kings, and possessed of the intelligence and the good conduct of Pandu. Thou hast compassion for all creatures. O king, there is no one in Heaven that is equal to thee. Hence, O Bharata, regions of inexhaustible felicity are thine. Thou hast won them, O chief of the Bharatas, and thine is a celestial and high goal.



Narda said “All those royal sages that are here have their achievements transcended by those of Yudhishthira. Covering all the worlds by his fame and splendor and by his wealth of conduct, he has attained to Heaven in his own (human) body. None else than the son of Pandu has been heard to achieve this.



Next Warrior

Bhishma, the Grandshire


Shree Hari…

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